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Rockwell introduces innovative terminal blocks


Rockwell Automation introduces a new family of terminal blocks for improving wiring efficiency and the quality of connections. The Allen-Bradley Bulletin 1492-P series push-in terminal blocks offer reliable connections, increased time savings and less operator maintenance for an improved wiring environment.

In the past, spring-clamp, screw terminal blocks with unsecured wires left potential for loose connections. The new, vibration-proof terminal blocks feature a clamp to secure loose wiring and achieve a safe connection point with added space-saving benefits. The front facing terminals provide an easy sight line and access for wiring when compared to traditional screw-clamp terminal blocks.

“Older connection technologies required users to manually tighten screws to a specific torque and continuously check that the torque is in place after transit,” said Darren Miller, business manager, Rockwell Automation. “The new push-in terminal blocks provide quick and reliable connections without requiring screwdrivers or other tools for wire installation. Users can expect a total time savings greater than 50 per cent compared to previous models.”

The push-in terminal blocks can also be used with wiring ferrules to further improve efficiency and quality of connection.

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