Technology intensive paints & coatings for industrial segment

  The Indian paint industry is estimated to around ` 350 billion and has been growing at 15 per cent per annum for the past few years. The organised players contribute to around 65 per cent of the total market whereas the demand for unorganised sector is 35 per cent in value terms.
The industry consists of two segments – decorative and industrial segments. Decorative segment caters to household sector whereas, industrial segment consists of powder coatings, floor coatings and other coatings used in automobile, marine and other general industry.
“Decorative segment accounts for 70 per cent of the total demand whereas the industrial paint account for 30 per cent of the total demand. Globally the demand for paints is equally distributed both segments accounting for 50 per cent of the total demand,” says a spokesperson from Anest Iwata Motherson Coating Equipment Pvt Ltd.
There are three main segments of industrial sector and they are automotive coatings, powder coatings and protective coatings. Users of industrial paints are automobile, engineering and consumer durables. The industrial coatings is far more technology intensive than the decorative coatings.
The paints sector is raw material intensive, with over 300 raw materials (50 per cent petro-based derivatives) involved in the manufacturing process. Since most of the raw materials are petroleum based, the industry benefits from softening crude prices. Although the demand for industrial paints is lukewarm it is expected to increase going forward. This is on account of increasing investments in infrastructure. Domestic and global auto majors will have long term plans for the Indian market, which will augur well for automotive paint manufacturers.
“Industrial coatings are mostly using solvent based paints; only one auto OEM today uses water borne paints for high end primers and base coats. Future technology is water borne paints and almost all leading paint manufacturers have upgraded their plants to cater to the new demand,” observes a spokesperson from Anest Iwata Motherson Coating Equipment Pvt Ltd.
High end texture paints are used today to beautify buildings. Green paints are extensively used for pharmaceutical companies and other product industries.
“We provide high end texture paints and along with this we are the probably the only company in the country which has green paints. As per international norms it is becoming mandatory to use products with low VOC and we have all the products lying under the norms as a result our company’s share is increasing in this segment too at a reasonably good pace. Apart from this we have anti-carbonation paints, elastomeric paints, heat reflective paints which give us an edge over other companies,” says Rohit Asthana, President Sales, Ultratech Texture Paints Pvt Ltd.
All the metal parts need protective coating to prevent from rust and improve life of the product and also to give better aesthetic appeal.
“At Crown Technologies we do Job coating with facilities like shot blasting, pre-treatment, electro deposition, powder coating and liquid spray painting,” says Veeraragavan, Managing Partner, Crown Technologies.
Following are the detailed activities of Crown Technologies:
• Shot Blasting removes the HR scales, rust and other imperfections in the metal. • Pre-treatment removes oil, greases and other contaminants and forms inorganic phosphate coating. • Electro deposition is high corrosion resistant coating, mainly for all automotive components. • Powder coating can give any colour, finish (matt, semiglossy, glossy, structure, grain etc). • Liquid spray painting can meet any shade and high UV resistance performance requirement.
——————Pre-treatment and electro deposition• PLC controlled transporter system for handling parts• Hot degreasing and phosphating• Cathodic electro deposition from BASF• Temperature of baths controlled by PLC• Overall cycle time is five minutes per batch——————-Shot blasting facility• Spinner – hanger type 3 wheel shot blasting machine: This machine has the capacity to handle parts of size upto 2.4M X 1M with a cycle time of five minutes per batch
———————–Powder coating oven• PLC controlled LPG fired oven for quick heating• Oven cycle time as per part or powder requirement
Powder coating booth• Batch type booth to suit any component profile• Booth is completely made of SS• Recovery system to assist quick changeover of colours———————–
Liquid spray painting• Convevorised liquid spray painting system:1. With pressure feed paint2. Online even

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