2nd LASER World gains confidence from Govt

The 1st edition of LASER World of PHOTONICS INDIA consolidated its position as India’s one of the leading platforms for the laser and photonics community. The exhibition played host to 128 exhibitors and 2,688 trade visitors. The trade fair also witnessed a parallel seminar on “Laser Basics and Applications”. Recognising the efforts, the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology, Department of Electronics and Information Technology (DEITY), and Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) has extended their supports to LASER World of PHOTONICS INDIA.The 2nd edition of LASER World will be held at the Bombay Convention and Exhibition Centre (BEC) from November 12-14, 2013. The trade fair is not just a platform to meet the key decision makers and the who’s who of the industry. It is also a forum where the laser and photonics industry, associations and scientific experts can gather to exchange their ideas and share their visions.India is rising as the next economic hub with its proficiency in telecommunications, electronics, manufacturing, automotive and auxiliary segments. Light amplification by stimulation emission of radiation popularly known as LASER finds its application in different fields, including manufacturing, medical sciences, industry, lighting, automotive, security, jewellery and commercial. Photonics and LASER Technology are rapidly growing in current and different industrial applications as new alternatives to traditional manufacturing processes. Tremendous power, flexibility, speed and quality can be executed by the use of photonics and lasers. Nowadays, the use of photonics and lasers in manufacturing is a rising area with a wide variety of applications, for example, in electronics, moulds and dies, and biomedical applications. LASER is efficiently used in auto manufacturing. Photonics and LASERS can be used to manufacture more efficient engines and more powerful batteries. With the growing competition around the globe, new models of cars and other automobiles should be developed and built which are more efficient and powerful than the last.India is the growing global automation hub, primarily on account of labour as well as easy availability of technology. Global automakers like Honda, Volkswagen, Suzuki etc. have major industrial production bases in India and are aware of the advantages of the laser welding process in the automotive sector. This is mainly due to the high productivity and small amount of down-time compared to the other forms of welding systems. In the automotive industry, high-power laser welding installations lead to particle-free working, stress-free energy input, highest aesthetic quality and high flexibility. Unlike other welding techniques that require a vacuum, laser welding transmits a beam through the air. This process can be easily automated using robotic techniques. There is no radiation by the process and it provides higher quality welds. This new trade show is a networking opportunity for the various industrial sectors, mainly manufacturing, electronics, processing, communication, medical technology and general lighting sectors in the energy efficient and sustainable use of photonic and laser solutions. The fair will give laser and photonics technology its own national platform and improve its level of recognition in the Indian industry. Additionally, it will be a unique opportunity for the photonics and laser industry of India to tap the immense global knowledge and also elevate its global potential.

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