A L M plans to launch wireless handheld and process instruments

“In two years from now, we are looking at increasing our business by at least 60 per cent more of what it is today,” says Sarfraz Panjwani, Managing Director, A L M Engineering & Instrumentation
A L M is primarily caters to instrumentation for measure and control of pressure. Could you talk to us about your business and market orientation?Our business mainly consists of analog and digital instruments finding applications for HVAC, BAS, EMS, textile and industrial automation. We are aware of the competition from similar looking products available in the market. However we have always been able to stay ahead of the market in regards to superior technology, affordability of our product offerings and customer service and satisfaction. The product quality offered by us is best whereas prices are the lowest. We are in process of expanding our reach through dealers and resident engineers at the peers II levels and beyond.
What are the products and solutions you offer for instrumentation?Our products for HVACR and BAS include differential pressure and pressure gauges; switches and transmitters; air flow measuring probes and stations; DP cum flow measuring transmitters; carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide and VOC sensors, RH/Temp transmitters and multi-variable’s which are combination of DP, RH Temp or CO2, RH and temperature with Modbus/Bacnet protocols.
How is your order flow?Order flow is consistent and healthy. A L M has been able to maintain growth tempo and continues to grow year-on-year and quarter-on-quarter as well. However the growth continues to be skewed, which means higher for some periods and average over other times.
How big is the HVAC sector when it comes to instrumentation products?When you consider instrumentation and control products for HVAC and building automation, our rough estimate market is growing at CAGR 12 per cent. In monetary terms the market size is being debated with contradictory figures being quoted by different agencies
What is your commitment to the HVAC market in India?We are working in this industry from more than 18 years. We have always been able to stay ahead of the market in regards to products with innovative superior technology, affordability of our product offerings, minimum installation and maintenance cost and customer service and satisfaction. We reiterate our commitment to bring products with innovative technologies, user friendly and affordability. We propose to this by stepping in to the customer’s shoes and understanding their concerns vis-à-vis applications affordability and by trying to maintain low cost-of-ownership for the extended usability of the existing and newer products we offer. We shall be bringing wireless handheld and process instruments to this industry very soon.
Could you brief us on your testing and calibration facility?We have one of the best calibration facilities that include laboratory grade wind tunnel for calibration of air velocity instruments. We have a variety of handheld instruments for differential pressure calibration and a NASA patented technology calibrator for calibration of differential pressure gauges and transmitters. We also have a range of automatic temperature calibrators including Dry-Block and Oil-bath.
What are your further expansion plans?The convergence of IT and energy technologies is driving major trends in the industry. The latest suites of software when combined with processes and people have abilities to produce amazing results.
With capital spend becoming tighter and demand to deliver more value out of every cent spend, simply deploying technology will not deliver. In two years from now, we are looking at increasing our business by at least 60 per cent more of what it is today while continuously innovating and improving on our product offerings. We are also considering foraying in to system integration.

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