“Address the inflation issues immediately” [June 2012]

The government’s policy to achieve industrial growth further is optimistic; however increase in inflation and interest rate is the matter of concern. This can restrict the investment and reduce the prospects in the market. The government should initiate immediate action plan to control the same before landing into major problem and facing another recession- Ramji Singh, Country Head of Rittal India – EPLAN Division
Software & Service and its objectivesEPLAN Software & Service is subsidiary of Rittal International within the Fried helm Loh conglomerate based in Germany and we deal in specialised CAD/ CAE software for electrical, fluid, instrumentation, P&ID, cabinets design in 3D.
EPLAN Software & Service GmbH & Co, based in Monheim, Germany started in 1984 with a vision to provide compressive design & engineering solutions in the world of automation. During the past 25 years, the company has grown into a multinational corporation operating in 54 countries with over 30,000 loyal customers and 90,000 installations worldwide.
The Germany-based software provider has demonstrated the success of consistent practice orientation with international presence over 25 years. More than 50 sales & services centre provide worldwide support spanning over 6 continents. EPLAN is a synonym for innovative strength, continuity, progress and investment security in this strong business group.
EPLAN India started operation in the year 2000 with sales & support team with head office in Bangalore and regional & area offices in Mumbai, Faridabad, Chennai and Pune. We have our current user base of 500 customers and around 1400 installations in Indian market. Germany-based software solution provider has been demonstrating the success of consistent practice orientation with local direct present for over 11 years. EPLAN India takes care of promotion of software solution, training, education, pre and after sales support, consulting services, customize solution and related activities for our range of available Engineering solutions for Indian market.
EPLAN and its applicationsEPLAN is an intelligent CAD/CAE software used for design, engineering and documentation of electrical controls and automation, fluid, process plant, P&ID, panel design in 3D environmental on single platform to get cross linking between each other. EPLAN Innovation provided interdisciplinary engineering without limits. Major advantage and return of investment by using this intelligent tool is reduction up to 70 per cent of the design time, man-hours and produce error free drawing and reports by automatically generating all related documentations.
Scope of EPLAN productsEngineering level in India is far below the global standard; still most of the customers are on drafting tool but financial crisis has opened the eyes of everybody to survive in highly competitive world and offer the global standard quality. Scope of our products and solutions is one of tools to improve their quality as per global standard, expedite their projects to sustain the pressure of their growth in growing market with same infrastructure.
Strengths of CAE software solutionsThe strengths of CAE solutions are:• Workflows are more structured due to stream lined engineering • Maintenance with a CAE system is simpler• On completion of design, it takes care of all the Documentation which is very important and useful during cross checking, installation & commissioning• Design is much simpler due to because of the Macros, Symbol libraries, and created databases and also CAE cuts off much time in cross referencing, device tag numbering, wire numbering etc.• Provides interdisciplinary design & engineering without limits• Reduces design time, man-hours drastically and produce error free drawing and reports because it generates all related documents automatically• Helps to manage continuous industry growth with limited infrastructure and manpower as well as improve response time to complete the project.
Success MantraTo stay in this global and highly competitive market, CAE is becoming mandatory for every industry verticals. Hence in the era of a fast and furious world, every industry has to stay with updated to the technologies to compete and move ahead.
EPLAN Efficient Engineering provides interdisciplinary design and engineering without limits, we position ourselves as a very high level of engineering & design solution provider that play important roles in control & automation related to electrical, fluid and process plant engineering to all different industry vertical to expedite their projects and improve their quality. EPLAN innovation is faster, accurate and available worldwide.
Focus on R&DSignificant investment on R&D is the key factor of our continuous success. Our team from professional services worldwide is continuously feeding the data to our online system about new technical development, requirement and improvement in existing solution as per regular customer feedbacks and requirements from worldwide.
Our R&D team continuously works on all valuable feedback to incorporate in our solutions to meet customers’ requirement and further improve our solution to optimise design & engineering process of customers. Our R&D provides regular upgradation of our software which is more user friendly with lot of new features also takes care of latest operating systems to use and run our software solution.
After sales supportAfter sales support is major key factor to win the confident of our customer, generate more references, improve our branding, improve our market share and grow faster against our competitor in a highly competitive market. Our company policy to be with our customer directly as a company representative to support them within shortest possible time period due to the same we have distributed our support network in major industrial cities like Bangalore, Chennai, Pune, Mumbai and Delhi.   Future PlansWe are going to focus and invest more on education sector about CAE to basic level, need to increase the competence level in the market so that all related industry should get pre-skilled employess easily with some basic knowledge. Top management of each industry should make this solution as mandatory to them and make the provision to invest for such kind of tool in every year budget. Even after implementation of such tool, they should invest, budget every year for training, consulting, education for proper implementation as well as upgrade their software to latest version, renew the software services to use full strength of solution to get faster return of investment.
Also, we would like to launch our entire product & solution range in Indian market to offer complete engineering & automation solution and establish ourselves as a complete solution provider, not the only product selling company.
Suggestions to emerging entrepreneursAs the Indian market is considered as a price sensitive one, the new entrepreneurs should work towards improving the image of India at global level by adapting latest technology to produce international quality products. The industry must welcome the technology and evaluate on the basis of price performance ratio.

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