Advancing productivity in mining operations with lubricant technologies

  ExxonMobil  Lubricants  Pvt Ltd participated at the  18th  National   Lubricating   Grease   lnstitute   (NLGI)   – India   Chapter’s   Annual   Conference   and showcased its expertly formulated comprehensive range of greases available in India. The conference, organised by NLGI- India chapter on 05th February 2016 in Lonavala, was a premier platform far grease­ related industry stakeholders in India. ExxonMobil elaborated on how leveraging comprehensive lubricant technologies  and  service  solutions  can  help  companies  enhance  safety,  achieve  environmental  care­ related goals, and maximise productivity, attracting wide attention from participating companies and representatives at the annual grease conference.
Advancement   in  machine  and  equipment  designs  have  affected  operating   parameters  and  thus  the requirement for lubricating greases. As operating parameters like speed, load and temperature vary significantly  based upon  the equipment,  it is practically  impossible  for a single grease  to handle all the diversified applications. Mobil has a balanced portfolio of state-of-the-art, well proved, high-performance lubricants and greases that can cater to the needs of many industrial sectors- including  metals, cement, construction,  mining,  power  generation,  general  manufacturing,  plastics,  food  and  beverage,  pulp  and paper- all backed by ExxonMobil’s technology and  industry expertise.
“In modern machinery  design and construction, machines function  under severe operating conditions  with the expectation  of increased  productivity  and less downtime.  This has made  it difficult  for conventional lithium greases to satisfactorily  fulfil these requirements. In light of this fact, high performance greases like lithium-complex and  calcium-sulfonate   are  the  best  candidates  for the  said  applications.   While  lithium­ complex greases have excellent compatibility with the most widely used lithium greases, calcium-sulfonate greases are also moderately  compatible. Lithium-complex greases generally possess  good stability,  high ­temperature  characteristics  and water-resistance  properties  which  meet  the needs  of a wide variety  of heavy-duty applications and operating conditions. They provide balanced load-carrying  capability across a spectrum  of  loads,  speeds  and  temperatures,”  said lmtiaz  Ahmed,  Asia  Pacific  Mobil  SHC  Brand Manager, ExxonMobil Lubricants Pvt Ltd.
To fulfil the unique needs of a wide range of industries, ExxonMobil offers a comprehensive line of greases with advanced   technology   that  are  designed   to  offer   customers   extended   re-greasing   intervals,  longer equipment life, and greater productivity. This includes synthetics far extreme conditions, poly urea thickener based  greases   far   long  life  and  use  in  high  temperatures,   food-grade   solutions,   and  grease  far environmentally   sensitive  applications.  The  level  of grease’s  performance  depends  on  the  formulation approach. Greases that are developed through a balanced formulation approach often offer significant performance  benefits and advantages. Mobil’s advanced formulation  greases are designed  to provide all­ round   balanced   performance, far  severe   conditions   experienced   by  today’s   industrial and   mobile equipment.
The mining industry is one of the most fundamental  components of the industrial landscape, and also one of the most challenging  from a lubrication  standpoint. By combining  the use of high quality lubricants and an effective technical services program, mining operators can achieve a competitive advantage in their operations,  by  enhancing  productivity  and  reducing  their lubrication  consumption  which  will  potentially increase  the  productivity  and  reduce  downtime  of  their  mining  machinery  and  equipment.  In addition, health and safety benefits may also be realised.
“Operators  in the mining  sector  have  to balance multiple  concerns,  as they try to enhance  operational safety and keep their machinery running at peak performance, even when it is subjected to extreme temperatures  and heavy  loads. To help address  these issues,  it is essential  to work  closely  with mining customers  to develop  a solutions-focused  approach to help protect and maintain equipment  across their entire  operation.   This  can  be  done  by  leveraging  comprehensive  lubricant  technologies   and  service solutions,  helping  companies  enhance  safety,  achieve  environmental  care-related  goals,  and maximise productivity.  Lubricant programs and services – when delivered from a solutions-oriented  approach – can play an important role in advancing productivity in mining operations,” said  Shankar Karnik, Generai Manager Industrial, ExxonMobil Lubricants Pvt Ltd.
While  the  primary  function  of  a lubricant  is  to  protect  equipment,  reduce  unscheduled  downtime  and extend oil drain intervals, advancements  in lubricant  technology now mean mining companies  can select oils and greases which provide outstanding levels of protection as well as other potential benefits such as improved  fuel economy. Heavy-duty  diesel, engine oils, hydraulic oils and greases  work hand-in-hand  to enable mobile machinery on mining sites to operate effectively.
ExxonMobil’s  comprehensive  portfolio  of oils and greases  along with robust  services,  combine  to offer holistic solutions for mining operators.

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