Ahura: treating water efficiently

Ahura Aqua Treat, an ISO 9001: 2000 certified company, group established in 1993, specialises in water treatment systems for treating water from – ground, surface, effluent systems, etc.
 The company specialises in various systems like RO plants, De-Min plants, Zero Liquid Discharge systems, softeners, UF (Ultra Filters), UV systems, Ozonators, many types of filters, etc. Ahura also offers sewage treatment plants, small effluent treatment plants, etc. It designs and manufactures high-grade seawater RO plants which are used for end-treatment of effluent plants.
Understanding the typical needs of pharmaceutical, textile, plastic moulding, cosmetics, beverages, paper, bulk drugs, and chemical industries, Ahura offers systems for assured results. Besides improving feed quality for trouble-free operations, the company also provides benefits of reuse of water hence reduces the demand for in-feed water.
Effluent treatment plantsAhura Aqua Treat offers engineering consultancy services and supply of Post-ETP systems. The services provided by experienced industry professionals allow enhancement in operational conditions of various industries. The company also adopts latest treatment technologies, conceptual designing, as well as process engineering techniques for designing of plants that allow it to match the process requirements at client’s end. The company provides services for different industrial sectors include pharma, cosmetics, beverages, textiles, plastics, paper, bulk drugs and chemicals, etc.
Zero discharge RO plantsAhura Aqua Treat is also engaged in manufacturing water treatment systems that include RO systems, Zero Liquid Discharge plants, de-ioniser or de-mineralising systems, sewage treatment plants, effluent treatment plants, Evaporators, water softeners, pure water systems, etc. It designs and manufactures high grade RO (reverse osmosis) plants that are used for end treatment of effluent plants. These RO plants remove TDS from feed water, which are present in the conventional industrial effluents. It is the best method to achieve ‘Zero Discharge’. Since the output is reused, it reduces the demand for in-feed water.
The company has accomplished projects for the high-purity pharma industry and bulk quantity heavy textile industry (capacity of 7,000 m3/day, at up to 200 m3/hr). It also has expertise in storage and distribution loop for pharma and food industries, SS tanks and pipelines, chemicals for cooling towers, chillers, boilers, etc.

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