AIVA: committed to conserve water

“Our motto is to conserve water for future generation and economic sustainability,” says Anant Nampurkar, Managing Director, AIVA Engineering
Though the 67 per cent surface area of the earth is covered with water, out of that only 5 per cent is usable for living things. Human as responsible living creature has identified the threat of losing this precious commodity. But it is painful to witness that the huge money, resource and research have undergone to conserve other costly minerals like gas and oil, but not on water. The rea¬son may be – still water is not costlier to individuals than these commodities like gas and oil.
Many scholars have taken water conservation and awareness about this as their single most goal of life. We salute them who have dedicated their vision or goal for water conservation.
It is high time that everyone needs to engrave in their mind that water conservation is everyone’s responsibility. The government/s, few organisations, a number of scientists cannot achieve the goal of water conservation. We need to come forward and help ourselves and to our future generation by saving each drop, in whatever way we can.
With above vision AIVA had started its journey in 2010 and developed a team of engineers and other professionals. It currently supports a strong manufacturing base in the outskirts of Pune, Maharashtra. The company has studied the requirement of the various government projects and developed the innovative products to provide a single window shop options for the customers, who are working in the field of “house service connection” ranging from strap saddle, compression fittings to electro-fusion components.
Besides, AIVA has put R&D efforts to develop a commercial model of many innovative products like simple mechanical water levelling (water pump cut-off) devices, tabletop ice vending machine etc. Also, the company has started working to use electronic technologies to bring-in control over water usage.
AIVA has committed to be an active member of this movement and is committed by way of:• Practicing water conservation or saving activities at work place• Spreading the awareness amongst the friends and community about this movement• Innovative products which will help to conserve water.

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