Albro range of gears for mechanical power transmission

 Albro, one of the reputed and established names in mechanical power transmission, provides quality products, available off the shelf as well as made to order according to customers’ specifications and individual requirements as per sample in mild steel, cast iron and carbon steel, etc.
Besides its usual range of chains and sprockets in simplex, duplex and triplex, conveyor chains with attachments, elevator buckets and chains, PIV chains, leaf chains, extended pitch chains, silent chains and stainless steel industrial chains (any type, any size) and their spares, Albro has a complete range of various gears which includes hob cut spur, bevel spiral and helical gears, racks and pinions, ratchets and pawl, worm wheels.
The company also provides a range of couplings which include jaw and chain types, universal joints, gear, tyre and pin bush type. Its pulleys range also include timing belt pulleys, flat pulleys, V-belt pulleys and variable speed pulleys like diaphragm (both side – basket spring) type and auto-manual and junior type pulleys with fabricated sliding base.
Albro provides helpful design assistance using its gear design tables and simplified engineering tables and many money and energy saving ideas. It is authorised main dealer for “DIAMOND” super chains and their genuine spares, connecting lock and half link, made by TIDC INDIA, an ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 company.

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