Alliance presents versatile Allflex flexible gear couplings

 Alliance Engineering Company, established in 1967, is an ISO 9001-2008 certified company. Today it is one of the largest manufacturers of gear couplings, spindle couplings and torsion shaft type couplings with brand name ALLFLEX. Its factory is situated in the Dombivali Industrial area of MIDC, about 50 km from Mumbai. It is equipped with 12 gear hobbing and gear shaping machines, radial drills and lathes.
The company focuses on maintaining strict quality control during machining, heat treatment and gear cutting. Its marketing office is in Dadar, Mumbai with agents in Kolkata, Delhi, Bangalore, Indore and Bangladesh.
Allflex flexible gear couplingsThe fundamental characteristic of Allflex flexible gear couplings is their high torque to size ratio, thus offering a compact asembly capable of both high loads and high speeds. The design of these couplings is such that it accomodates angular, offset or combined angular-offset misalignment within allowable ratings and permits axial float or thermal expansion of connected shafts.
ConstructionFull gear type AFG Allflex flexible gear coupling consists of two identical toothed hubs, two identical flanged sleeves with internal teeth, a flange gasket, a set if flange bolts nuts and lockwashers, four lube plugs with alluminium gaskets and two oil/grease retaining Nitrile O rings over the hubs.  The use of O rings for sealing of oil/grease eliminates the necessity of dismantling the hubs from shafts for changing the oil retaining O rings.
Size selectionThe specification sheets give the maximum torque, bore and RPM capacities of individual couplings. To arrive at final size, procedure given below should be followed:• Calculate the effective torque to be transmitted by formula:
Effective torque = (716.2* H.P.*SF)/RPM Kg.m.Where SF is the service factor. 
• Select the coupling size tentatively on the basis of the bore considering the maximum diameter of driven and driving shafts. In case the rated torque capacity of coupling thus selected is equal or more to effective torque calculated above, confirm the  coupling size. In case the rated torque is less than effective torque, increase coupling to the size with rated torque equal or more to effective torque.
• Check that RPM of coupling is within limits of maximum RPM specified for the size of coupling selected. AdvantagesAdvantages of Allflex flexible gear coupling are as follows:• Bigger bore capacities• Higher torque ratings• Wider applications • Quicker deliveries.
Types of AFG coupling • AHG half gear half rigid coupling • AFS floating shaft type gear coupling• AFG standard full gear coupling• AMG mill motor type gear coupling• ASG spacer type gear coupling.
ApplicationAllflex flexible gear couplings can be used effectively and economically for transmission of mechanical power for agitators, blowers, cranes, conveyors, crushres, elevators, escalators, feeders etc. in industries like cement brewing and distilling food lumberrolling mills, oil and petrolium, chemical and fertilisers, papermills, rubber industries, sewage disposal, sugar textile industry, thermal power houses etc.
Today Allflex couplings manufactured by Alliance are extensively used by over 1,000 OEMs and actual users for drives in cement mills, sugar mills, hot and cold rolling mills, paper mills, cranes, conveyors, pumps, compressors, rubber mills etc.

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