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 Ventilation is an important part of maintaining a comfortable, healthy, productive environment for people. Demand controlled ventilation using CO2 sensors prevents energy losses from over-ventilation while maintaining indoor air quality.
ALM Engineering & Instrumentation Pvt. Ltd., one of leading importers and providers of analog and digital instruments required for measuring accurate pressure, humidity, temperature, indoor air quality, etc. from world renowned manufacturers. These instruments are used mainly in BMS/EMS, HVAC, cleanroom/pharma industries and textiles.
The company offers GE-make “Ventostat” Telaire wall-mounted CO2, humidity and temperature transmitter. The salient features of the unit are:• Patented Absorption Infrared Gas sensing engine provides high accuracy in a compact low cost package• Patented “ABC Logic” self-calibration system eliminates the need for manual calibration in most applications• Lifetime CO2 calibration guarantee when using ABC Logic• Mounting plate with two-piece terminal blocks provide quick, easy wiring.• Gas permeable of the sensor• Locking screw secures cover and sensor to the mounting bracket for tamper resistance• Dual simultaneous analog outputs (V & mA) available for CO2• Sensors are shipped factory calibrated• Temperature sensor in all models• Modern enclosure with customised branding available• CO2, humidity and temperature models• CO2, humidity and temperature models• Two-piece design allows unit to be replaced without the need for rewiring.
Wall mounted sensors are used to control a specific area such as a conference rooms, class-room, meeting halls, large offices, work area etc.
The company offers following types of transmitters:• Telaire T8000/T5100 Ventostat series are easy to install and have a clean, modern look that suits most indoor environments.• Telaire 8000 Ventostat series is available in a number of configurations including multivariable covering relative humidity & temperature measurement along with CO2. It offers field selectable analog outputs: 4-20 mA, 0-10 V & 0-5 V. It is also offered in digital outputs such as Modbus and BACnet. It can be offered in ranges of 0 – 2,000 up to 0 – 50,000 ppm.• T8100- uses a single channel sensor using Telaire patented ABC Logic for lifetime calibration. Single channel sensor are used is spaces where there is no full-time occupation (most applications).• T8200- uses a dual-channel optical system and three point calibration process for enhanced stability, accuracy and reliability. Used where occupancy is 24 hours a day such as call centres.• T8300-uses a single channel sensor with Pitot tube kit duct measuring of CO2 ABC Logic enabled.

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