AMS India Conference [November 2012]

Improving quality of build while retaining the flexibility to meet changing cycles of demand are just some of the manufacturing challenges the auto companies in India are facing. In addition, rising labour rates, in part illustrated by recent unrest, mean carmakers must constantly re-assess the cost and efficiency balance between the capital cost of automation and their current expenditure on labour.
As if that were not enough, India’s supplier base at tier 2 and below is in general not yet able to provide the unvarying quality needed for today’s vehicle production standards. The issue is particularly acute for foreign OEMs seeking to introduce global platforms with no allowance for local variations in build.
Dealing with these challenges will bring delegates together at this year’s international conference on vehicle manufacturing and assembly, which sees domestic and foreign OEMs and tier suppliers, plus the providers of the equipment and technologies used in vehicle production, meet to share knowledge and techniques. The 5th Edition of AMS India Conference is scheduled to be held in Pune from 5-7 December.
The conference will be a mixture of discussions between high-level executives, technical presentations, networking and social activities.

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