Arrow Machine Tools aims to become one stop solution for SMEs

“We have introduced machines with less space, less power from 3.7 Kw and lesser cycle time instead of Turret and finally with lesser machine cost,” informs R Vaidyanathan, Managing Partner, Arrow Machine Tools
 CNC machining is a process used in the manufacturing sector that involves the use of computers to control machine tools. Tools that can be controlled in this manner include lathes, mills, routers and grinders. Mr Vaidyanathan talks about the journey of Arrow Machine Tools and its significant achievements.
Journey so farArrow Machine Tools started its manufacturing activities of machine tool manufacturing of single spindle automatic lathes various models, second operation lathes, small CNC lathes and SPM as per the customers’ requirements. The company caters to customers throughout India mainly for auto parts, textile parts, pump and motor parts, small electrical and electronic parts and domestic appliances etc.
Its operation started in year 1994 and having factory and office at Chennai, it has sales and service set-up throughout India. Today the company has more than 5,000 customers throughout India and abroad.
Major contributions Arrow Machine Tools has introduced small compact CNC lathe with Collet clamping with gang tools, against others do with chuck and turret and tailstock as standard. The company has also presented various options of CNC system and PLC as per requirement instead of standard high end CNC systems.
Generally major auto parts come with small diameter and small length. However, many major customers use bigger diameter machines which consume more power, space and high cycle time.
“We have introduced machines with less space, less power from 3.7 Kw and lesser cycle time instead of Turret and finally with lesser machine cost,” informs Mr Vaidyanathan. “Recently we have also brought various high end technology of CNC lathes with live tools with Autobar feeder for saving more operations and finish with single set-up thus saving more operation cost and increase accuracy and output.” In addition, the company has come up with low cost automation for part loading/ unloading with its machine to save operator cost for high volume jobs. Specific strategiesThe company has already started implementing high end technology CNC lathes like Swiss type machine with twin spindle with more live tools and now associated with quality machine tool principles from XKC, Jinnfa, Kitamura etc.
It has also implemented centre clamping two side machining simultaneously especially for shafts, this is very much operation saving to avoid two machines and increase accuracy of concentricity as both sides machined simultaneously.
With the above implementations, the company believes that it could be able to save more conventional CNC lathes and VMC into high end machines. Fewer people need to work, more accuracy maintained.
New joint ventureTo excel in this segment, the company is heading its way through potential partnerships as well. “We have now planned to have joint collaboration with our principles to work for a joint venture to manufacture high end machines and to supply to Indian customers and reasonable cost,” informs Mr Vaidyanathan. “We initially planned to import mechanical parts and fix all the system as per the customer’s choice and slowly planned to have a joint venture agreement for manufacturing starting.”
Future outlookThough Arrow Machine Tools considers itself a small scale unit today, it estimates its share goes with at least 10 to 15 per cent contribution in the small scale segment. The company has planned for rotary special machines with CNC for various high volume parts in automobile to reduce machine and manpower.
It also focuses to concentrate on autoloading solutions for various requirements as this is the need of the industry at present to reduce cost of production. The company assures that its ultimate aim is to provide one stop solution for all needs of small and medium industries and this has been making it to reduce its production cost and keep accuracy and achieve good volumes with lesser manpower.

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