Atlas Copco: First in Mind, First in Choice

“Innovation isn’t all about product; innovation is also about valuing your clients.”- Stephan Kuhn, Business Area President, Compressor Technique, Atlas Copco AB
How many times you have seen an organisation maintains healthy growth for more than 100 years? How many times you have seen an organisation involves its clients to innovate products? How many times you have seen a species of fossil is named after a global manufacturer?
If you don’t have enough names, consider Atlas Copco, founded as AB Atlas in 1873. Since then the company has been providing industrial productivity solutions to more than 170 countries. Having manufacturing products on 68 production sites in 20 countries, Atlas Copco has become world’s leading producer of air compressors.
Atlas Copco’s vision — First in Mind, First in Choice — drives its strategy to create positive value for customers, shareholders and employees in an increasingly resource-constricted world. In a recently press meet at its Chakan plant, who’s who from the Atlas Copco share why Atlas Copco has become O Rei for its customers and prospects for all brands.
InnovationWith a tradition of innovation dating back to the group’s founding in 1873, the group operates through a number of divisions within four business areas: compressor technique, construction technique, mining and rock excavation technique, and industrial technique.
Its compressor technique business area innovates for superior productivity in applications such as manufacturing, construction, and the process industry worldwide.
The construction technique division innovates for sustainable productivity in infrastructure, civil works, and road construction projects.
The mining and rock excavation technique innovates for sustainable productivity in surface and underground mining, infrastructure, well drilling and geotechnical applications.
Its industrial technique division innovates for sustainability productivity in the automobile, aerospace as well as industrial manufacturing.
InteractionAtlas Copco believes in clients’ involvement in developing products and services with lifecycle perspective. It always interacts with its clients to make its product better in prospect of ergonomics, safety and health. Atlas Copco also conducts regular customer satisfaction surveys with feedback spanning across the globe with more than 60 different languages. Its goal is to increase customer loyalty in all operations and progress because Atlas Copco doesn’t just believe in customer satisfaction; it believes in making customer delighted.
CommitmentCommitment lies at the heart of Atlas Copco which strives to be a responsible corporate citizen by finding synergies between economic growth, environmental stewardship and socially responsible operations. It’s not only committed to make its customers delighted or employees happier, it’s also committed to make the environment a better place.
Atlas Copco is such a company which considers important environmental issues such as water stress, climate change and material and energy consumption in its operation. Atlas Copco works continuously to improve resource efficiency in the manufacturing process and in the value chain. It recognises that there are not only risks but opportunities related to energy consumption and therefore has a goal to increase customer energy efficiency of 20 per cent by 2020 by increasing energy efficiency in major product categories.

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