Atlas Copco introduces SmartLink data monitoring program for compressors

With the introduction of SmartLink monitoring program, Atlas Copco brings its maintenance and service to another level. In making smart use of connectivity, data monitoring and business intelligence, Atlas Copco helps customers get a better view on their maintenance needs, keep up their production uptime and improve wherever possible their operating cost in minimising their energy consumption.Until now, service of compressors and compressor rooms was either repetitive (service contracts ensuring regular visits from a service technician) or re-active (an unforeseen problem requiring an immediate intervention). This doesn’t need to be the case anymore. SmartLink data monitoring program allows for either Atlas Copco and/or its customers to monitor their productivity 24/7.
SmartLink offers businesses a complete insight of their compressed air production. It helps to predict potential problems (and thus anticipate them). It shows how and where the production can be optimised and energy can be saved (and thus money can be gained).
SmartLink is an easy to install, efficient to consult, simple to tailor data monitoring program. Data are gathered, compared, analysed on the fly and when needed, warnings are sent out in time. This allows local service organisations to plan and prepare their interventions.
Over the coming years, it is Atlas Copco’s ambition to integrate SmartLink into 100,000 air-production installations worldwide and help customers benefit from its learning and insight. It’ll not only improve its and their efficiency, it will make air production more sustainable.

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