Automation / Gripping Module Small multi-taskers for micro assembly

The MWPG 20 Miniature Changing Parallel Gripper of SCHUNK, the competence leader for clamping technology and gripping systems, is opening up new possibilities of application in the optical engineering and in electronic production. The worldwide first quick-change miniature parallel gripper with standardized DIN interface’s OD, is less than 20 mm. An optical monitoring, a large through-hole, and a large range of accessories make this miniature gripper an all-rounder.
This miniature gripper of the innovative family-owned company is made of stainless steel and weighs 26 g. In order to avoid frictional loss due to mechanical deflection, two horizontally positioned piston areas provide the jaw drive. The jaw motion will be mechanically synchronized via a special ring system. On request, if one of the two fingers should be fixed for example, a forced coupling will not be necessary. Free of scope, smoothly running cylinder pins provide for the jaw guidance. Therefore gripping forces up to 5 N and an adjustable stroke of up to 1  mm per finger are possible.
SCHUNK has found a smart solution for ensuring continuous monitoring of the gripper fingers. It is done via an optical sensor, which is located inside the changing head  making feed-through of the signal from the gripper to the head no longer necessary. Moreover, the MWPG 20 disposes of a central through-hole of 7 mm in diameter, which can be used for feeding components, monitoring with a machine vision system, or for laser welding. In case of a sudden energy drop, an outside fitted spring ensures the gripping force maintenance.
The MWPG 20 can be directly mounted to the robot-sided head of the SCHUNK MWS 20 miniature changing system, and adapter plates are not needed. Thence it is supplied via two direct hose-free connections with compressed air. The matching MWM changing rack is used for organizeng, and allows a quick, automatic change of tools and grippers, too.l

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