Better health through micro nutrient fortification by Toshniwal Mixer

  Micro-nutrient Fortification of staple foods accepted international level to improve lives and accelerate development at such low cost and in such short time.
Today the developing countries are highly dependable of processed food and industries are streamlined and automatic food fortification has played major role in the health of the population at large. It provides the immense benefits provided by adopting efficient precious methods.
The micro-nutrient fortification of food can be employed effectively by means of adopting precision mixing for cereal flours and their products, milk powder and powder beverages etc.
Facts behind Toshniwal MixerToshniwal Mixer is a new generation mixing technology available in India for the demanding precision mixing for fortification of food. The fluidised zone mixer (fig.1) comprises a series of paddles affixed to two shafts positioned in double-drum housing. The shaft rotates in opposite direction at a specific peripheral speed. The paddles are angled and overlap in the middle of the mixer. The number and angle of the paddles create a very efficient transport system. The paddles mechanically fluidise the material by lifting it and creating a weightless condition in the centre of the mixer. The paddles also create whirls and eddies in the weightless material, mixing the materials thoroughly before they have a chance to segregate.
Advantages of Toshniwal MixerPrecision mixing: The fluidised zone mixer claims to be more than 99 per cent efficient and produces extremely hematogenous mixtures. It has successfully blended additives in proportions as low as 2 parts per million. It has also mixed vitamins in powder at proportions of 1,000 parts per million with good results. Normal mixing times range from 30 to 60 seconds and are achieved with a very low peripheral speed – the mixing action is very low shear. This result in less segregation and no friction generated heat.
Economy of Toshniwal Forberg MixerIt is always somewhat of a cruel and painful process when an old technology, developed during decades of effort and competence, more or less suddenly is replaced by a new technology, out dating the old one to a significant extent. The new technology of Toshniwal Mixer selection justifies the following facts: • Installed motor capacity• Power consumption• Spare parts• Lifetime of the machine• Mixing capacity per hour• The weight of the machine• Vibrations caused by the machine• Building structure to keep the machine in place
Installed motor capacityToday electricity boards are demanding minimum deposit based on total load of plant plus minimum charges towards power supply irrespective of using power or not. The design of Toshniwal mixer is such that 60 per cent of the material is in fluidised state and hence the motor rating is considerably reduced.
Power consumptionThe energy consumption per tonne of mix is very low due to mechanical fluidised zone mixing and short mixing time.
Spare partsThe spare parts consumption is a function of speed, time and power put into the mixer. Forberg Mixer has a very low rotation speed, short mixing time and low power input. Hence the spare parts requirement is greatly reduced.
Life time of the machineSince the mixer is slow rotating machine with full protection of the bottom, the wear and tear is very limited. Hence the life time of the machine will then be very long, which again protects the customer’s investment.
Mixing capacity per hourDue to short mixing time one can have high capacity output.
Weight of the machineThe mixers are equipped with relatively small capacity motors. Hence the total weight of the system is very modest.
Vibration caused by the machineDue to slow rotation there is no vibration in the machine. Moreover the two shaft system has counter rotating shaft, which completely eliminate stress on the construction itself. The sum of these features is reduced construction and maintenance costs.     Building structure to keep the machine in placeSince weight of the machine is very less and also vibration is less due to balancing factor of two shaft contra rotating system which ultimately reduces the cost of building structure to keep the machine in place.
Fortification or enrichment Fortification of wheat flour by iron and flour improving agent is essentially required at milling industries to enhance the enrichment of the same to compensate it losses during the process.
Iron or Iodine Fortification of salt has to meet stringent technical requirement, also the addition of food stabiliser and anti caking agent in very smaller proportion really demands precision mixing equipment.
Hence the new generation Toshniwal Mixer is a preferred choice for the above mentioned application for efficient precision mixing to the benefit of the people for better health by fortification of food by means of Toshniwal Mixer. n
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