Biltz carbide end mills for longer reach

Biltz carbide end mills for longer reach
Biltz Cutting Tools Company has introduced solid carbide long-length end mills for long-reach machining parts. The end mills are available in square nose or ball nose with two, four, six, eight or more flute form. Biltz end mills are used on a plethora of materials such as cast iron, nonferrous metals and difficult to machine materials.
The solid-carbide end mills with rugged geometry are usable at high-cutting speeds, greater than high-speed steel end mills. These end mills are most suitable for deep-slotting work, and allow maximum chip clearance at higher speeds. The tool is also usable for deep-plunging work. Biltz offers solid-carbide end mills through coolant helical and straight holes for heavy machining and CNCs with through coolant holes.
Biltz also provides end mills with coatings for enhanced life and improving speed and feed a machining. Biltz solid-carbide end mills are available in size up to cutting edge of 300 mm and flute length of 100 mm with and without coolant holes. Biltz manufactures end mills in the categories of solid-carbide two-/four-flute square nose/ball economy length, standard length and long series, reamers, through coolant reamers, through coolant high helix, high-spiral milling cutters, standard drills, through coolant drills, three-flute drills, centre drills, step drills for tapped hole, burnishing drills (coolant and non coolant), and solid-carbide milling cutters (solid and through coolant), to name a few.n
Contact:Biltz Cutting Tools Company,S-3, Rahul Chambers, Kasarwadi, Pune: 411034Tel.: +91-20-46761015, Fax: +91-20-46761014Email: biltz@vsnl.net

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