Blue I Water Technologies expanding global operation in India

Blue I Water Technologies, one of the leading providers of advanced water analysis and control solutions, continues to expand operations with the backing of a $3 million strategic investment from Effi Capital.
Effi Capital is prominent in South America, particularly in Brazil, while its current investment with Blue I Water is intended to extend the company’s presence in various geographies by expanding its client base and distribution opportunities in India, China, US, and South America.
“We have invested a lot in technology development over the past few years and brought advanced products to the market,” said Jacob Azran, CEO, Blue I Water. “We have introduced high-precision analysers for municipal drinking water systems and for the food and beverage industry, as well as highly sensitive quality analysis and control systems that provide accurate measurements in sea water and coloured water.”
He further added, “Blue I also developed PRIZMA, the most advanced water monitoring and controlling system in the swimming pools market. The Effi Capital investment will accelerate the company’s expansion into designated markets, including potable water, swimming pools, and industrial uses of water such as food, beverage, and pharmaceutical production.”
“We chose to invest in Blue I after closely examining its range of products and identifying business opportunities for its technologies in today’s growing economies,” said Effi Shakedi, CEO, Effi Capital. “The most prominent of these opportunities is the water market in South America, which is currently undergoing accelerated standardisation and automation and is leaning toward online monitoring of drinking water in its countries.”
This is Blue I Water’s second round of investment. In 2011, the shareholders invested $1.4 million to support the company’s technology development and allow it to break into new markets.
Blue I Water Technologies was established in 2003 with the development of a number of unique technologies for water-quality monitoring and treatment. Its products are leading global technology in detecting chlorine and other components in sea water and in controlling municipal water systems.

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