Bosch Power Tools launches professional measuring, leveling & alignment devices

Bosch Power Tools announced the launch of their new range of measuring devices including laser distance metres, detectors, laser alignment devices, surface lasers and optical levels. The announcement was made by Vijay Pandey, Vice President, Bosch Power Tools India and Martin Merchant, President, Bosch Measuring Tools Worldwide. “For a few years now, Bosch has had a limited presence in the measuring tools market in India. The limited presence was a strategic move to test the waters and gauge the market interest for the technically advanced range of measuring devices engineered in Germany. Since the feedback has been extremely encouraging, we now want to go the whole hog and present our entire range to the customers of this rapidly expanding market,” said Mr Merchant.
The highlight of the launch, organised in a leading 5-star hotel of Bengaluru, was the very sleek and compact DLE 40 professional laser rangefinder that can measure distances up to 40 metres with an accuracy of ±1.5 millimetres. It can also be used for instantaneous calculations of areas and volumes. This was showcased along with other Bosch rangefinders GLM 50 Professional, GLM 80 Professional, GLM 150 Professional and GLM 250 VF Professional. GLM 80 Professional rangefinder is the most advanced device with a Li-ion battery which can be charged with a USB charger. In addition to measuring distances up to 80 m, it can make indirect measurements of heights and lengths. GLM 80 Professional rangefinder can also be used to measure inclines, and hence can also work as an inclinometer. GLM 250 VF Professional is a high-end measurement device with advanced functions and a measurement range of 250 m. It can be used to take outdoor measurements in sunlight by the help of an in-built telescope. GLM 250 VF Professional can also make indirect and highly accurate measurements of heights and widths by the help of various Pythagoras functions.
“We see a huge potential for these compact and very competitively priced measuring devices in the Indian market where the users are looking to move away from laborious, time consuming and less accurate ways of measurement. These tools are must have for all the architects, interior designers, painters, tillers, carpenters, dry wallers, real estate agents, site engineers and numerous other workmen,” explained Mr Pandey.Bosch also displayed its range of line and point lasers which can be used for indoor alignment for jobs ranging from door-window, light and other electrical fittings to fixing staircases railings and tile fittings. The highlight of this segment was multiline laser GLL 3-80P Professional which is the highest selling line laser.
Another key highlight of the event was the innovative GSL 2 Surface laser tool which is used to measure the evenness of a surface within a matter of few minutes. “GSL 2 Surface laser is a Bosch device which again reaffirms our innovation credentials. Typically this device is used in flooring applications whereby through its unique built, it can scan a floor of radius up to 20 m in a matter of few minutes. It can accurately identify the points of unevenness on the floor and the user can immediately measure the margin of unevenness with the accessories provided with the tool,” said Mr Merchant.
Bosch range also included the popular segment of detectors which are useful for detecting the presence of water pipes, electric cables, plastic or other ferrous material inside a wall surface which is to be drilled in. Bosch detectors can identify these materials up to a depth of 15 cms inside the wall surface and are highly useful in preventing the hassles caused by accidently drilling into a water pipe or an electric cable.

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