Bring in the best global manufacturing practices

India needs to bring in the best global manufacturing practices. It involves 3 things: man, machine and infrastructure
 Cybernetik Technologies provides innovative solutions in process and manufacturing engineering automation. ‘India needs to get aligned itself with the world economy and growth,’ says Mahesh Wagle and further explains the factors affecting India’s growth in manufacturing sector.
Man, machine and overall infrastructure India needs to bring in the best global manufacturing practices. It involves 3 things: man, machine and overall infrastructure. Being capable enough in these areas would help India to achieve the tag of global manufacturing hub.
The manpower used to grow industry should be taken into consideration. The labour law in practice today is archaic. It has to be more rational with the primary objective being prevention of exploitation of people and having a global labour standard.
When it comes to machines in India, certain technologies and equipment are needed to be imported. This process must be simplified with regards to import of machinery, import of new technologies and welcoming people with technology in India. All this cannot work in isolation and moreover, it’s time to integrate ourselves more with the world economy. Problem is that Indian manufacturers are tied up with difficult laws, difficult work situations and poor infrastructure. Exporting any equipment also involves a huge paperwork making it too much time consuming task.
There is a lot of interference from the government in the process, which must be removed. The existing rules and regulations have been created over the years, many of which are irrelevant but still they happen to be there which make it difficult for SMEs.
Factors to improve Basic stimulation can come by the reduction in laws barriers. Today, we have lot of protection barriers. The moment barriers come down; Indians are smart enough to compete.
Other factor is infrastructure. Today India is at that point where China was 20 years ago. However, today China has gone a way ahead in terms of infrastructure. Obviously, stimulation comes when there is a great infrastructure, uninterrupted power and improved transportation. Manufacturing growth will be linked to the infrastructure improvement. The government has to take a lead on that.    Issues to be addressed by govtAgain, pressing issues could be said to be linked with man, machine and infrastructure. Labour laws are important. In every sector, the government is pushing them under the carpet. Now India has reached at a stage where it is not at all considered to be competitive by many companies in the world. Today, if one has to put up a factory in Maharashtra, the timelines are 6 to 8 months, which is a long time in world business and needs to be improved.
Cybernetik’s pathwayCybernetik’s pathway is of course to achieve growth with technology. It feels that in its area of business, it should have good technologies. It has now started looking outward for the simple reason that there it finds a huge potential. Hence it is planning to have an outward look as well in addition to the domestic market. However, Cybernetik is totally aware of the fact that its field of operation could be limited as it is in SMEs sector at present.
Cybernetik Technologies offers state-of-the-art technologies for material handling automation which covers handling of powders, liquids and unit payloads.
Mahesh Wagle, Director, Cybernetik Technologies

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