Bulk material handling industry needs to gear up

Bulk material handling industry needs to gear up
Y. Srinivas Reddy, Managing Director of Bevcon Wayors, tells us how bulk material handling industry is playing a vital role in developing infrastructure in India
What kind of growth are you looking for bulk material handling equipment in India?I am very optimistic and positive that country like India, which is rapidly growing, has abundant opportunities to develop the infrastructure, and bulk material handling industry plays a vital role in it. I believe the industry is likely to have a 20 per cent year–on–year growth over the next five years, in keeping overall economic growth.
What are the new technologies coming up in the sector?The new technologies are coming based on the segment needs like stockyard equipment stackers and reclaimers, stockyard sheds, long distance cross country conveyors, and sandwich conveyors for mining, to name a few. Where does India stand compared to other parts of world in terms of meeting the increasing demand?Every country has its own challenges, hence comparison may be difficult. Nevertheless, in my view, India needs to gear up a lot to meet the internal challenges and demands as well as to fulfil the world market needs in terms of exports. What are the challenges the bulk MHE industry in India is facing today?Execution of turnkey projects is really a challenging game in India. Specific organisations should have abilities to handle business both techno and commercially. They should also be self-sufficient with infrastructure, human talent and project management capabilities to make it as successful and overall timely completion of a project is big task. Added to that, non-clarity in government regulations and policies is pending the growth of the industry.
What are your products in bulk MHE segment?Bevcon Wayors specialises in offering engineering-to-execution (E2E) solutions for various bulk material handling needs. We have executed more than 1,000 projects in last two decades, covering almost all sectors of material handling industry. We manufacture a series of critical equipment like belt conveyors, pipe conveyors, sidewall belt conveyors, sandwich conveyors, vibro feeders, crushers, screens, bucket elevators, material handling components, bag filters, pneumatic conveying equipment, and stackers and reclaimers.
Bevcon Wayors has three business verticals: projects, products and dust control equipment, and caters to the areas of thermal, biomass power, steel, raw material handling, sugar, fertiliser, agriculture, and mining. With support of our collaborators, we are in a position to provide fine screening applications and pneumatic conveying of various materials of critical applications. We also have unique solutions for space constraint areas through steep angle conveyors and sandwich conveyors, which are capable of conveying bulk material in 90 degree vertical, as well as stockyard equipment like stackers and reclaimers.
Do you have any expansion plans?We have several plans to expand our manufacturing base by putting up third-manufacturing unit in Hyderabad to manufacture stackers and reclaimers, sandwich conveyors as well as material handling components.

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