Caliber’s appreciated butterfly and wafer check valves

Butterfly valveCaliber offers a range of cast-steel gate valves outside screwed yoke type with bolted bonnet and flanged end connections for on/off services. These valves are suitable for practically all non-aggressive media. These valves are manufactured as per standards like BS 1414 /API 600 and API 6D. They are tested as per standards BS 6755/API 598. They are rated for Class 150 services and flanged and drilled to ANSI B16.5 Class 150. These valves are available from 40 mm to 250 mm NB.The body and bonnet are carbon steel to ASTM A216 GR WCB, seat rings carbon steel hard faced with 13 per cent CR steel, flexible and wedge of WCB with 13 per cent CR steel hard facing. The stem is of 13 per cent CR steel and yoke bush of alloy iron. The body bonnet gasket is SS 304 spiral wound and the stem packing is of laminated flexible graphite.Gate valves are used in practically all applications involving steam, hot water, compressed air, ammonia, CO2, edible oils, petroleum products and scores of other general applications.Wafer check valveCaliber offers a range of strainers to be used in the pipeline for the safety of the pipeline and connected equipment. They are offered in the ‘Y’ type to minimise the pressure drop across the strainer. They come with flanged ends as per DIN ND 40/ANSI B 16.5 Class 150. These strainers are available from 25 mm to 200 mm NB, and we can offer these valves with IBR certificate in Form-III C also.The body and the cover plate are of ASTM A 216 GR WCB and carbon steel respectively, and optimum sized stainless steel (304) mesh is provided to trap all the foreign matter. High tensile fasteners are provided.In spite of all the precautions, there is always a possibility if some unwanted foreign matters present in the lines. These may damage the pipeline and the connected valves and other hardware. There is also possibility of the foreign matter getting between the working parts of any valve and making them unusable either temporarily or permanently. These strainers prevent the similar situations and avoid costly downtime and damage to the equipment.

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