CNC machines for SMEs and small entrepreneurs

  Founded in 2009, Multi Axis CNC produces CNC engraving and CNC milling machines. The company targets mainly the SMEs and small entrepreneurs, those who would like have their own CNC machines but due to lack of finance they cannot fulfil their dreams. Multi Axis CNC customises machines as per customer needs.
“We always listen to our customers carefully and suggest them the right solutions as per their need in terms of budget, machine area, power need and work need. We developed such machine that can work as a milling machine and engraving machine,” says Rajesh Kushwaha, Managing Director, Multi Axis CNC.
Multi Axis offers high speed machining with high RPM of 12000, 18000 and 24000. The machines are most suitable for small and medium mould making, where there is no need for heavy cutting force. In most cases after roughing operation finishing time is equal with other machines. However, Multi Axis machines have advantage of high RPM that can enhance finishing and accuracy.
“Generally any CNC milling machine cost around Rs 23-28 lakhs but we start our price with Rs 10-20 lakhs,” informs Mr Kushwaha. “Our machines are widely used in injection mould, rubber mould, shoe mould, embossing die making, pattern making, medical equipment making, forging stamping, engraving, jewellery making, coin making etc.”
Presently, Multi Axis is developing 6-axis shoe mould mirror machining CNC with the help of Mitsubishi controller to enhance productivity. In terms of VMC, the company is manufacturing up to 1000x500x400; 800x600x400; 700x500x350 with Bt40 8000 or 12000 RPM using asynchronous motor for better torque at low RPM.

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