Combination of training and automation is the key

To become a global manufacturing hub, India needs to combine both training the labours and engineers and automating the processes wherever possible
 Meiban Engineering Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is an associate company of Murata Machinery Ltd., Japan, a manufacturer of CNC machines with high end technology. In India, Meiban is based in Bangalore, with its sales and service centre in Chennai. A V Srinivasan talks about India’s possibility to become global centre for manufacturing.
Need some moreIndian auto component industry is one of the sectors with distinct global competitive advantages in terms of cost and quality. The industry has low labour cost, considerable manpower and quality assurance. However, consistency of the quality is a challenge.
Best way forward is to keep and improve the labour and quality advantage. For that, to skill up the manpower available in India is needed. Trained manpower is a big challenge and for the industry to become a global manufacturing hub, India needs to combine both training the labours and engineers and automating the processes wherever possible.
X factorsIt is observed that Indian costs are reasonable in the world. However, increased scope of innovation and improvisation could stimulate better growth, as they make the field attractive one for the work force to participate.
At present, manufacturing does not find a big place in the universities and in rural areas. This should be addressed by private sector as well as government by promoting industries in all areas and by providing training.
Lagging areas and need of government’s attentionAlthough in some areas India has certainly a leading edge, it suffers from some lagging areas too. Very poor infrastructure development especially in roads, power and ports matters a lot. Further, country is facing lack of skilled manpower as well. Also difficult and multiple tax regimes are present over there. The govt. needs to pay its attention toward such factors.
Development of said infrastructure is essential to dream high in this sector. Stable economic policies and a single GST, access to finance and simpler paper work are some other areas government should look in. Such good government support at both local and central levels in related policies will be an added advantage.
Way for MeibanMeiban has a reasonable amount of experience in the auto components turning applications. Now, Meiban is gearing up to offer local turnkey solutions from India with the team of Indian engineers and to some extent localisation of some of the areas. Training and ability to skill up locally will be its focus. The company believes that this will enable it to get closer to the customers, and modify solutions to suit their needs.
Meiban is a solution provider in the field of automation and turn key projects for manufacturing automobile and sheet metal components. Meiban supplies and services sheet metal machines which include CNC Servo Turret Punch presses of various capacities, punching and shearing machines and panel benders.
A V Srinivasan, CEO, Meiban Engineering Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

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