Complete Automotive Part Traceability with Cognex DataMan 200

Marks Pryor, founded in 1998, specialises in providing solutions and overall marking tools such as Pryor steel types, punches, automatic numbering heads, engraved packaging types, logotype marking dies and dot marking machines. Headquartered in Pune, its worldwide presence widely caters to diverse industry segments such as automotive, general engineering, defence and aerospace
The Traceability Challenge The automotive industry requires complete traceability of each part, for which safety and quality control has an integral part to play. One of the customers of Marks Pryor needed a promising and effective traceability solution to guarantee the quality of a new value added component as well as be able to trace the product from cradle to grave. The challenge was to first mark each piece and then to verify the precision and quality of the markings. Thereafter, the marked parts would go through an additional quality and safety control procedure before delivery.
The customer faced following major challenges:• On time installation / production handover • Process flexibility to handle multiple variants• 6 Sigma or 99.997 per cent read rate goals• Expandable system capacity ~ 750 units/ shift• Complete traceability through supply channel.
Key Strengths of DataMan ID Reader Marks Pryor’s need to ensure accurate identification led them towards Cognex image based ID readers. The DataMan 200X fixed-position reader could not only cope with their high-volume production but also ensured the whole installation process during the specified time. The technical support by Cognex provided them on time installation and with no time wastage. 
DataMan 200X offers flexible features like automated variable focus technology, C-Mount lens options, various trigger modes and custom data formatting.
The DataMan 200X with its high reading rates along due to patented decoding algorithms perfectly met the needed requirements. The decoding algorithm is capable of reading omnidirectional codes, for example, codes presented at any angle are readable even if there are variations in the part position which ensured almost 99 per cent read rates of the product.
DataMan 200X is self-contained with decoding, power, communication and I/O capabilities all in a small form; making it capable in expanding the capacity of the whole system.
Moreover, it is also easy to integrate Cognex DataMan ID readers directly to the factory network with the Cognex Connect suite of supported industrial protocols, which means there is no need for a PC between the reader and the factory network. This provided complete traceability of the product throughout its supply chain.
The Integrated SolutionAt a marking station, the operator loads the cam shaft onto the fixture. After giving a print command, the cam shaft housing moves beneath the marking head. The machine then scans the marking surface and marks the Data Matrix code on the face of the part. Once marked, the housing is moved under the fixed-mount image-based ID reader where the code is checked for the quality parameters specified. The Data Matrix code is read by the DataMan 200X and the data is sent directly to the server via Ethernet.
End Users Achieve Goal of Complete TraceabilityThe main goal is to achieve highest standard of quality and reduce costs, which is possible by using the DataMan 200X ID reader. Reliable reading also ensures complete traceability of the product’s lifecycle from its inception till the end of its life. A major benefit of traceability is that one can track the entire history of a manufactured product for future analysis and quality improvement. Cognex patented algorithms provide 6 Sigma read rates or 99.997 per cent. The decoding time of scanned image is as fast as two milliseconds. Cognex product also reduces the overhead of many systems used in the factory network like a PC between the ID reader and the server, as Cognex Connect provides the Ethernet connection to transfer the data directly to the factory’s server.
For further information, contact:Sunil VagguCognex Sensors India Pvt. Ltdvaggu.sunil@cognex.com9881466003

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