Consider peristaltic pumps in water and wastewater

Peristaltic (hose) pump technology, epitomised by the Abaque series, proves its worth in critical water and wastewater handling operations
 Water is quite an amazing commodity. It is one of the building blocks of life—organisms ranging from human to plants to animals cannot survive without it. Municipalities could not exist without a readily available supply of water, which delivered to a wide array of, for example, residences, businesses, hospitals and community centres.
The operations in many of the world’s major industries would also halt without water, which is used as an ingredient in thousands of finished products. Water is also used as a cleaning or cooling agent for equipment in many industrial equipment applications. In instances like these, water often becomes wastewater, which must either be treated or disposed of.
So, there is a paramount need for pumping technology that can efficiently, reliably and safely handle water, from its most pristine state to the soiled variety that flows into a water-treatment facility. Wastewater can be especially problematic for pumping equipment because it can become fouled with abrasives or solids that can harm pumps, or hazardous materials that must be contained in order to protect the safety of plant personnel and the environment.
Today’s challengeThe design and operational characteristics of peristaltic (hose) pump technology make it a wise choice in a wide range of water-handling applications. Peristaltic pumps satisfy the requirements of such a wide range of applications because their operation is based on the alternating contraction and relaxation of the hose.
A smooth-wall, flexible hose in the pump casing squeezes between shoes on the rotor and the inside of the pump casing. This action moves the product through the hose at a constant flow rate. Since the product only contacts the hose and not the internal pump components, this pumping technology is very suitable for abrasive and corrosive applications. This pump style also maintains excellent volumetric consistency and its seal-free design makes it dry-run, self-priming and low-slip capable, while eliminating any potential leak or contamination points.
Another consideration when selecting a hose material is its ‘fatigue resistance’. A hose material that is susceptible to developing cracks and holes is not as desirable as a material that can reliably handle the demands of the repeated contraction and relaxation of the hose, especially when particulate-laden liquids are being pumped.
Solution offeredPump Solutions Group (PSG) has offered one specific solution for water-handling applications—Abaque series peristaltic (hose) pumps.
Abaque series pumps feature a seal-free design that eliminates leaks and product contamination, which enables them to handle the toughest water and wastewater pumping applications, from abrasive and aggressive fluids to shear-sensitive and viscous materials. The pumps are self-priming and offer suction-lift capabilities to 9 metres as well as the ability to run dry continuously without affecting the pump’s performance. Ductile-iron and steel construction lets the pump produce discharge pressures as high as16 bar (232 psi).
The Abaque pump’s hoses are available in three materials of construction — natural rubber, EPDM and Buna N, all of which have been chosen because of their high levels of fatigue resistance.
ConclusionThe water and wastewater universe is one of the most diverse in the global economy. This diversity means that the pumps used in all types of water and wastewater operations must be nimble and versatile enough to cope with fluids with many different levels of viscosity, temperature, corrosiveness, toxicity, abrasiveness and particulate levels, to name a few. For more than 80 years, peristaltic pump technology, as epitomised by the standard setting operation and reliability of the Abaque series peristaltic (hose) pump family from PSG, has been a leading choice in the water and wastewater industry.
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Ravi PrasadDirector – Sales, Pump Solutions Group (PSG) India 

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