Crane-Bel offers high-performance piston pumps

Crane-Bel offers unique, high-performance, self-regulating, high-pressure DuraForce variable delivery, axial piston pumps in a wide range of flow capacities and higher pressure ratings up to 420/500 bar. Thse pumps are suitable for mobile and stationary industrial applications and have the following unique features and advantages, benefitting OEMs and end users:
• Optimum power utilisation capability• Quieter pump with less maintenance• Self-priming at high nominal speed• Compact size to save space• Adjustable flow for better selection, energy saving and reducing the heat generation• Equipped with the self regulating system along with improved load sensing control for energy conservation• Available with SPU Silencer (Pulsation dampeners) for maximum elimination of pulsations, optimised noise control and extends pumps life• Very good suction capacity hence no requirement of booster pump or pressurized tank• Higher operational pressure and optimum power utilisation capabilities with hydrostatic bearing• Swash plate for superior performance• Higher reliability and longer performance life• Pressure lubrication to reduce wear and support internal loads• Equipped with the LP-Regulator which, in addition to the load sensing function, prevents prolonged operation of pressure relief valves installed in the hydraulic system and offers the following benefits:• Operating pressure is maintained• No operation in the overload range• Demand-oriented volume flow generation• Reduced heat and noise generation• Longer service life of the pump and the entire hydraulic system.• Better design having improved dynamic response and higher power density and reliability• Quieter pump operation with lower pressure ripples• Easy installation and replacement• Flexibility in system design• Unique combination of self-regulation, SPU Silencer and flow adjustment for delivering the desired flow at desired pressure without any pressure surges offers excellent pump performance, even after years and years of operation.
These pumps are suitable for the OEMs and replacement market, for most of the applications including machine tools, pressing, molding, aviation, defence, naval systems, aerospace, test rigs and numerous other industrial and mobile applications.n

Contact:Crane-Bel HydraulicsE-7, Kavi Nagar Industrial Area, Sector-17,Ghaziabad – 201 002, Delhi-NCRE-mail: office@crane-bel.com; ashok@crane-bel.comwww.crane-bel.comFax: + 91-120 2700339, 2713868Tele: + 91-120-3263281 – 85

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