Cyber security is critical for plant reliability: Honeywell

As organisations adapt technologies to help them take advantage of the benefits of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), the increased connectivity also brings added risk. “With increasing connectivity, there is an immediate need for cyber security solutions that take a measured approach to managing the industrial IT lifecycle. Increasing plant reliability by using next generation cyber security solutions will be critical,” Vikas Chadha, Managing Director, Honeywell Automation India Limited and HPS India Leader said while talking on the sidelines of the company’s users summit being held in Mumbai.

The summit focuses on issues facing manufacturers in India, including the changing economic environment, increasing connectivity and the need for real-time insights that can improve operations. Attendees to the event represent critical industries such as refining, petrochemicals, oil and gas, chemicals, power, and minerals and metals.

“India has immense potential of benefitting from the technology if it improves its infrastructure and skills that will help support the adoption of new technologies,” said Bruce Calder, chief technology officer for HPS. “Honeywell has been leveraging the concepts and technologies behind the IIoT as part of the vision that we have been evolving towards for several years.”

Apart from showcasing next-generation technologies for digital transformation and IIoT, Honeywell Process Solutions (HPS) demonstrates best-practices in process control and automation that can help manufacturers improve business performance.

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