Cybernetik’s robotic weld lines

Robotic weld lines now a days are becoming a standard requirement whether it is BIW line or axle weld line. Companies are ready to invest in such systems without compromising on quality. This is because of the acceptance toward new technology and services. Now, even companies are ready to pay in initial stages like feasibility study, which can be done easily through state-of-the-art 3D simulation packages and there accurate results.Cybernetik was come into picture when Bajaj Auto was producing 300 vehicles per day. Target was how it can be raised up to four folds. The company has done initial study. Bajaj Auto gave Cybernetik an opportunity and result was eye-opening in every manner. Cybernetik established complete automated man-less line of nine robots initially, with pallet return line and chassis dropping system. They were start producing more than expected, and current score is somewhere around six folds with half of man heads. This result was because of continuous improvement program and incorporation of such systems and much more important was acceptance toward new technology. Later it become habitual, and people are now asking offers for robotic lines like conveyor lines.Cybernetik offered independent welding cells for spot as well as arc welding requirements. Offer includes complete end-to-end solutions which start from project feasibility to commissioning. Project feasibility and engineering are the main points which contributes major factor for seamless running of any robotic applications. Cybernetik did total engineering at every stages which includes robot selection, fixture study, material handling equipment etc.Total solution starts from design of overhead rails mounting structure to component storage trolleys. This gives tremendous satisfaction at every stage of the project in an organisation. The company is setting up entire line in its factory for internal as well as customer trials. Its systems are completely tested in its premises before dispatch.Cybernetik has done robotic weld lines in multiples for three-wheeler and four-wheeler chassis shops. It is associated with ABB Robotics from the past 6 years, through which Cybernetik got world-class application exercises and study as an input in every sector requirements. Today, Cybernetik is offering robotic solutions with paint line for aluminium alloy members for shell building, which includes heavy duty, state-of-the-art handling facility with multiple size adaptability.

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