Danfoss functional safety solution simplifies safety certification

 Danfoss introduced a new Functional Safety Solution, a complete functional safety package that greatly simplifies safety certification efforts for off-highway original equipment manufacturers (OEMs).The Danfoss Functional Safety Solution saves OEMs time, cost and engineering effort throughout the process of building functional-safety certified equipment.
The new Danfoss Functional Safety Solution represents all Danfoss components, software, processes and training that help customers comply with safety standards, such as the European Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC and other harmonised standards. No matter the specific functional safety needs, partnership with Danfoss enables customers to achieve Functional Safety certification more easily, reduce total installation costs and accelerate time to market.
Complying with the European Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC and other harmonised standards demands intricate knowledge of legislation, components, software, design processes, applications and documentation.
Danfoss Functional Safety Solution offers customers functional safety support on topics ranging from risk assessment to system validation.
Risk assessmentWith the new Functional Safety Solution, Danfoss shares extensive knowledge and application experience through the customisable Functional Safety Fundamental Training and Risk AssessmentTraining modules. These introductions to functional safety concepts and risk assessment help OEMs approach functional safety and risk assessment more efficiently and intelligently.
System designMost component choices on the market today are not functional safety-certified, and some are not even certifiable. Danfoss Functional Safety Solution offers high-quality controllers, PVG proportional valves and piston pumps that are already safety-certified by third-party company Exida. The integration of certified components available with the Danfoss Functional Safety Solution reduces design time and speeds time to market by eliminating the need for OEMs to have components or subsystems independently certified.
Application programmingThe solution simplifies the functional safety aspects of software development with the Software Product Development and Launch Process (PDLP), functional safety certified by TÜV-Nord up to Safety Integrity Level 3 according to IEC 61508:2010.
System validationSystem validation can be a complicated and time-consuming effort for customers. Validation requires studying technical information of all components to learn the Safety Integrity Level and critical data like Mean Time To Dangerous Failure — information that can be difficult to obtain or unreliable  in some situations. The Danfoss Functional Safety Solution provides transparent documentation related to certified and non-certified components, saving significant validation time and making clear exactly what customers need during validation.

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