Don Bosco Tech: training and awarding as international welders

The welding department in Don Bosco Tech is basically a training institute. Antree K. A., Principal and Manager, Don Bosco Tech, shares how it helps people to become international weldersDon Bosco Tech has have tried to introduce welding simulators. Using welding simulators prior to the training on job can save energy, consumables, cost, environment, learning disability etc. Moreover, Don Bosco has introduced inverter technology in training and replaces all the other conventional modes of electrical power consumption in a welding machine.
Factors while choosing welding processChoice of a specific welding process will depend on many factors such as design, type of material, work situation, type of work, repair, indoor, outdoor, type of industry, customer requirements, cost, availability of process, nature of work, time, skill, effectiveness in choosing a particular process over others, criticality of the work etc. Reducing emission of welding fumeFume emission is a necessary evil in welding. Hence, quality and recommended flux for shielding should be used. Pre-weld instructions and welding procedure specification are to be strictly observed. Also, standard procedures recommended for each process should be used. The spread of fumes during welding can be avoided by using extractors at the source. R&D initiatives The welding department in Don Bosco Tech is basically a training institute. It trains people to be international welders as per the directions of the IAB guidelines suggested by the International Institute of Welding, France and the Indian Institute of Welding, Kolkata. This is basically training, qualifying and awarding people as international welders as per ISO 9606 and EN 287, in various processes and materials.
Currently, there are no scope for high-level research and development. However, Don Bosco is developing a database of qualified welders in the state to provide an opportunity for international qualification and certification.

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