Dormer Tools announced global launch of ‘Carboloy’ brand

Dormer Tools announced global launch of ‘Carboloy’ brand
At IMTEX 2013, Dormer Tools announced the global launch of its new brand Carboloy for tools and inserts, which is a perfect match to the company’s offer of rotating tools, informed Fabrizio Resmini, President of Dormer Tools.
Dormer is a global company with sales units in over 25 countries covering 100 markets. Its expertise lies in the manufacture of superior quality cutting tools – primarily drills, reamers, taps and milling cutters – in solid carbide and high speed steel.
“Our common success is built on five pillars,” explains the Brand Manager and President Lars-Erik Lindgren. “Consistency in terms of product quality, Durability in terms of tool life, Versatility by offering a focused tool assortment with a wide application coverage, Security in the delivery performance and most importantly: Simplicity in every aspect of working with Carboloy. This is really our soul and blood.”
Carboloy secures a consistent product quality through rigid methods and quality standards in its production facilities in Europe. “Top durability is critical from a large number of aspects,” underlines R&D Manager Anders Fältenhag.”That’s not new, but how we achieve it is. In short by improving wear resistance through special coating combined with a treatment that improves toughness and security.”
Gautam K. Ahuja, Managing Director of Dormer Tools India Pvt Ltd says, “Carboloy will present a perfect fit for most of the manufacturing industries in India requiring metal cutting tools, and the combination of Carboloy and Dormer represents a strong offer for our distribution network in India”.

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