Durr builds largest paint shop ever for the Indian market

Durr is building the largest ever paint shop in India for the Ford Motor Company’s new vehicle operations facility in Sanand, Gujarat. The paint shop, with Durr technology, is expected to start operations in 2014.
Along with the application, plant and automation technology, the scope of delivery also includes the conveyor technology and exhaust air purification systems. The well-proven RoDip M rotational dip coating system is used in the pre-treatment and electro dipping. The rotational movement of the car body in the RoDip tank guarantees uniform cleaning and coating. RoDip technology thus provides the best possible corrosion protection and also a space and material saving plant layout, since inclined sections at the entrance and exit of the dip tank are not needed.
The Ecopure TAR exhaust air purification system is used with the straight-through ovens for cathodic dip-coating and topcoat. This purifies the process exhaust air through incineration. The residual heat from the purified exhaust air is fed back into the production process by downstream heat recovery systems. This allows valuable resources to be conserved.
The application of exterior base coat and clear coat takes place fully automatically with 32 Ecopaint Robot RP L033 painting robots in two painting lines. All robots are equipped with the proven EcoBell2 high-speed rotating atomizer. The cleaning system Ecopaint Clean provides body cleaning prior to painting. Furthermore, eight Ecopaint RS 16 robots are used for the application of underbody protection and rocker panels.

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