Dürr opens training centre for paint systems in India

Dürr, one of the world’s leading mechanical and plant engineering firms, has, through its high level of innovation and industry-appropriate solutions established itself as leading supplier in India. In keeping with its focus on India as a rapidly growing key market,
Dürr has now opened a new training centre to ensure the best of product quality and service. With the boom in the economy, and an increase in the auto growth in India, there is a greater demand for a skilled workforce and an urgent need for specialised training facilities for them. Recognising this latent demand, Dürr has responded by setting up a state-of-the-art training base in Chennai.
The facility will cater to the skills development of its customer base in the region. Inaugurated in Quarter 1, the centre with a floor area of 4,300 square feet is equipped with Dürr’s latest product offerings alongside a team of master trainers able to train and empower the Indian workforce on all the nuances of the highly advanced machines.
The training centre, which is the sixth of its kind worldwide shows and explains Dürr innovations such as the EcoRP L033 painting robot. During the training sessions, participants are given detailed insight on the structure of the robots as well as the electrical control cabinets to which they are connected. They are further able to familiarise themselves with the EcoRPC robot control system gaining knowledge as to how the equipment works. This valuable information not only means that customers are able to operate the machinery, but they are also able to give instructions on it.
Michael Berger, Managing Director of Dürr India, during the opening celebration for the new training centre. On the left, Dr. Pavel Svejda, Key Account Manager at Dürr, who held a presentation on painting technology at the opening event. The training centre in Chennai, which boasts an area of 4,300 square feet, was constructed within only six months. The operating principle of Dürr’s exhaust-gas purification system is also showcased at the showroom._____________________________
Dürr application technology products such as pumps and atomizers are presented in the showroom.

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