Environ offers energy efficient aerators

When evaluating aeration systems, a total performance and cost of operational analysis is critical. The components of this analysis should include an evaluation of the initial capital cost of system installation, all operating and energy costs, and projected maintenance costs. Also included should be an analysis of how well the systems perform the four basic functions as follows:
• Provide sufficient oxygen transfer to promote biological treatment• Provide sufficient mixing  to  ensure homogeneity  of mixed liquor  suspended  solids  and to prevent solids settling• Respond to varying process conditions to maximise energy efficiency• Provide reliable service, without costly maintenance and downtime, and without reduction in oxygen transfer capability.
In diffused aeration system, as the blower blows hot air, the temperature of the effluent rises by 5°c to 8°c due to which the oxygen transfer efficiency reduces. While in mechanical aeration system the temperature of the effluent reduces by 5 C to 8 C and hence oxygen transfer efficiency increases.The distribution of air is not equal in this system. It is equally distributed in all the four corners of the aeration tank by mechanical aerators.
Environ’s solutionEnviron claims that its energy efficient aerators accomplish mainly offer efficient aeration, excellent mixing, operational flexibility and a life expectancy of 12 – 15 years with minimal maintenance.
If the aeration tank depth is more than 2.75 metres, there will be settlement at the floor level, which will create septic conditions and in turn zero D.O. level. Nowadays, as due to the space constraint, most of the tanks are designed with higher depths. it is the duty of the  aerator manufacturer to change  the  design  of  the  aerator impeller  considering  the  depth  of the aeration tank, believes Environ. However, it is not possible without doing the experiments or proper R&D.
Environ has its own R&D division in India, wherein it carries out oxygen transfer test as per American standard and Wrinkler’s procedure, before placing the prototype aerator in the market. Secondly, it runs all the aerators and agitators for two hours, as per our quality assurance plan.

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