Europafilter: one filter, three functions

 GreenEclipse Technologies India Pvt. Ltd. is the authorised distributor of Europafilter, Sweden in India.
Europafilter is an offline oil filter, also called side stream filter, based on cellulose filter technology. It can be deployed for any kind of heavy machinery and hydraulic equipment that use engine oil and lubricants.
Europafilter technology was developed from a NASA satellite application, where oil changes were not possible and oil had to be maintained at the highest cleanliness level. Europafilter incorporates three functions in one filter system: 1. Ultra filtration: EF500HY traps all types of particle, both large and small down to 0.1 microns up to 3 kgs of contamination can be trapped.2. Slows down oxidation: Not only does the filter restrain the oxidation, it also traps deposits and resins 0.1 µm, 99 per cent reduction that form when the oil oxidises  3. Reducing water: The same filter that traps particles also absorbs all types of water from the oil – bound, free and emulsified and filtering salt. This can absorb 3 litres of water.
The EF2100 series comes with a range of additional options. Different ways to check flow, oil heating for cold conditions and high viscosities, different types of stands, mobile variants, system with spill tray and overfill protection, different varieties of oil supply as air pumps and pressure reducers and EX classed systems across all the various explosive zones (ATEX).
Filtration system Europafilter’s unique and patented EF500HY capillary filtration system absorbs water effectively and removes majority of solid particles which are harmful to the machine down to 100 nano (0.1 µm) and below. This is done without chemicals, which have the disadvantage that they remove or neutralise the oil additives.
Europafilter can be used effectively to clean the following types of oils:• Gear oil / gearbox oil    • Lubrication oil • Transformer oil• Turbine oil• Compressor oil• Hydraulic oil • Cooling oil• Fuel and engine oil.
Europafilter’s performance has been proven in sectors such as manufacturing, maritime, oil & gas industry, energy, mining, heavy vehicle, pulp & paper, automotive, railways, defence, agriculture etc.

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