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 Suviron Products Pvt. Ltd. is a leading inventor and supplier of specialty chemicals to the global water treatment industry since 1999. Suviron is part of the Rathi Group of Companies based in Pune, who have been pioneers in chemical manufacturing and distribution since more than 60 years.
Suviron is currently providing chemicals to all leading OEMs who build plants such as reverse osmosis, cooling towers, chillers, boilers, AHUs, and FCUs. In addition, Suviron’s chemicals are being used in a variety of industries such as refineries, power plants, fertiliser, chemical, cement, textile, automotive etc.
The company is well-known for its high-performance polymers which enable RO plants to operate at silica levels of up to 500 ppm, and also high sulphate and hardness waters. Suviron is also a pioneer in the field of anti-scalants for thermal evaporators where its antiscalant technology helps to extend the cleaning frequency and thereby reducing steam and power cost considerably.
Suviron’s products include anti-scalants, corrosion inhibitors, biocides, polyelectrolytes of anionic cationic and non-ionic nature, bacterial cultures and enzymes, specialised descalant chemicals. In addition, it is a one-stop source for all the commodity chemical requirements as well such as a variety of acids, alkalis, reducing agents, oxidising agents, minerals, etc.
Suviron’s products are manufactured with the stringent standards of health, safety and operational efficiency.

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