FEIN launches new AccuTec screwdriver

FEIN announced the launch of AccuTec screwdriver with free programmable parameters. The new AccuTec was launched in India in the FEIN Auto Forum event held in Pune.
FEIN AccuTec screwdrivers have undergone rigorous tests and have successfully evolved for the large industrial volume production in the automotive industry. Precision redefined FEIN AccuTec screwdrivers are used worldwide for many years now. They are preferred in the automobile industry for their state-of-the art technology. It is updated constantly with new features after taking inputs from the users. This time, it is upgraded with free programmable parameters technology thereby taking its usage and precision to manifold. FEIN AccuTec screwdrivers stand for absolute reliability, maximum precision and outstanding cost-effectiveness suitable for everyday use even for long hours. Each tool has a precise tightening torque regardless of the screw driving application which has proven in accordance with ISO 5393 in the machine capability test according to VDI/VDE 2647. Automotive industry completely thrives on precision, be it working of a camshaft or fasteners like screws and bolts; every single minute detail has to be perfect to a T. FEIN AccuTec screwdriver provides with a high quality screw connections in the 0.5 to 30 Nm range. It is operated with a brushless FEIN Power Drive motor with high-efficiency for up to 30 per cent more screw connections per battery charge. It is also available with reliable, long-life battery technology in Li-ion or NiCd/NiMH versions.
FEIN AccuTec has an outstanding ergonomics and weighs only 1.3 kg with the Li-ion compact battery for a fatigue-free working. Programmable, sensor controlled cut-off screwdrivers can be individually set to the screw driving application at up to 5 levels which reduces constant checking thereby saving time in the production line. It delivers high quality screw connections due to the narrow tightening tolerances, regardless of the application. Error criteria settings prevent manipulation of the screw driving process. Like all FEIN products, AccuTec is also completely made in Germany which results in low maintenance costs due to the long service life. FEIN AccuTec with ParameterControl – precision for individual screw driving applications.

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