Fenner pioneering mechanical power transmission & sealing solutions

Fenner pioneering mechanical power transmission & sealing solutions
Fenner is the name which has been synonymous with mechanical power transmission and sealing solutions for decades. Its products have stood for performance, reliability, efficiency, and differentiators to have emerged as most preferred solution providers to auto OEMs and the industrial sectors.
Once again, Fenner has introduced a belt suitable for heavy-duty applications which not only reduces the drive costs by as much as 17 per cent but is low on maintenance also. Fenner powertran green belts can easily be called the three-star advantage belts. A 40 per cent extra power than normal belts makes it the finest in its category. It has a much longer life compared to a normal belt. The extended drive life allows the belt to enter the pulley groove smoothly which reduces the sidewall wear and tear on the belt and the pulley. Being a maintenance-free belt, it has optimum tension throughout its service life. Due to an in-built match set, it can be used in sets without any further measurement.Fenner powertran green cover belt drives have proven themselves in the toughest applications be it agriculture, mining, construction, or original equipment manufacturing. It reduces friction and heat build-up under shock load with abrasion resistant bareback due to double-layer fabric cover. Fenner powertran green belts have oil and heat-resistant chloroprene compound body, rated for 85 C, therefore outperforming other belts in similar harsh operating conditions. There is a minimal or probably no need for retensioning due to stronger than steel aramid fibres that reduce belt stretch to more than half compared to standard V- belts. A lateral rigidity for reduced vibration and belt turnover on multigroove pulleys makes it an excellent choice in its class.
With a drive efficiency of 97 per cent and an added 40 per cent extra power, Fenner powertran green belts are another complete power transmission solution.

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