Fibro gas springs for mould making

For all applications where lift movements are required parallel to mould opening, the tool designer has to resort to additional components. Normally, these are diagonal load pillars, spiral compression springs or latch locks. Fibro is now offering a user-friendly and low-cost alternative to be able to achieve additional lift movementsFML gas spring (FIBRO Mould Line)The gas spring was developed especially for mould making and is characterised by its high force, its small size, a long service life of at least 1,000,000 strokes and a constant operating temperature of 120 C. The FML gas springs are approved as per the European Pressure Equipment Directive 97/23/EG (14th GSGV ordinance on pressure vessels).Depending on the spring type, the Fibro Mould Line gas springs naturally come with safety features (safer choice) such as safety piston rods as well as excess pressure and overstroke protection.For all applications where e.g. another intermediate plate and/or a slide unit is to be moved parallel to the mould opening in the separation level, the FML gas spring can be used. In the process, for example, this gas spring is placed behind the intermediate plate to be moved so that the support plate is shifted by a certain distance. The use of Fibro Mould Line gas springs provides the same functions as a latch lock in conjunction with standardised norm elements for mould making.The possibility of pressure monitoring and force control proves to be very advantageous in this case. This makes it possible – contrary to a latch lock, for example – to diagnose an imminent malfunction in advance. During the procurement of the necessary spare parts, production can be continued without any changes. Depending on the installation, the replacement of the FML gas spring on the injection moulding die is possible.An additional aspect is the naturally given overload protection. Should a component, which is to be moved, be jammed – for example a stripper or an intermediate plate in a 3-plate tool – the latch lock can pull rigidly during the opening of the tool that is equipped with one until a component breaks. With the FML gas spring, this is different.•    Once the maximum force of the FML gas spring is exceeded, it remains in its position. •    No component will be damaged.•    After the removal of the jam, production can be resumed without delay.By the simple installation of the Fibro Mould Line gas spring and the elimination of the lateral machining for the fastening of latch locks on the mould, 60 – 70 per cent of the costs, compared to the use of latch locks, can be saved.

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