FIBRO offers reliable solutions in rotary tables

 FIBRO has always been focused on offering solutions to meet the ever-growing needs of the industry. Now it has come up with its innovative products in rotary tables category
FIBRO GmbH started its India operation primarily for standard parts for dies and moulds. Having shifted to the new location in Chakan MIDC, now FIBRO management has decided to channel its sales of rotary tables in India through FIBRO India so as to bring the Indian industry under focus.  The company offers its solutions for automation application as well as metal cutting purpose.
Solutions for automationFIBRO has wide range of rotary tables for automation application. Its range for automation includes: • FIBROTOR – Cam driven• FIBROMAT – Heavy load positioning• FIBRODYN – High speed direct drive rotary tables.
FIBROTORFor any production line, the important aspects are long-life time and shortest cycle time with an excellent precision and no need for maintenance. FIBROTOR rotary tables combine all of them and offer as an additional highlight up to five years warranty. Due to its completely new developed control cam, energy consumption drops by 20 per cent.
Alternatively, higher mass can be moved, shorter indexing time can be realised or a smaller rotary table can be used. This effect is possible due to an optimisation of the control cam according to the energy efficiency formula. In the process, the service life of the rotary tables amounts to 20,000 hours MTTF (mean time to failure).  FIBROTOR rotary tables may be used as assembly tables, welding, positioning or storing tables; in packaging, printing, labelling or laser machines as well as for chipping.
Solutions for metal cuttingThe range for metal cutting includes: • FIBROPLAN – NC rotary tables• FIBROMAX – Heavy duty NC rotary tables with twin drive• FIBRODYN – NC rotary tables with direct torque drive• FIBROTAKT – Precision rotary tables with Hirth face gearing.
FIBROMAX 2.0Second-generation, heavy-load positioning table features high rigidity and efficiency. FIBRO of Weinsberg presents the FIBROMAX 2.0 series: a completely revised series of its XXL rotary displacement series. In comparison to the first-generation, the bearing diameter and thus the rigidity of the heavy-load positioner has increased significantly and with virtually unchanged costs.
The continuously increasing requirements for the construction of wind power plants, roller bearings, turbines, gearbox cases, and construction machines were the reasons for the new heavy-load concept. Rotary tables for workpiece sizes of 4×4 metres and transport loads of up to 400 tonnes are now standard at FIBRO.
The heavy-duty tables provide a positioning accuracy of ± 2 angle seconds. The axial run-out and radial concentricity are in a range of a few hundredths of a millimetre. In addition, with the FIBROMAX 2.0 series, a very large dimensioned and highly precise roller bearing provides for maximum rigidity and thus the highest precision during processing. When in a positioned state, a hydraulic table top clamp increases the tangential torque and relieves the gear.
The preloaded bearing and a play-free twin-drive also offer optimum conditions for circular milling and simultaneous machining. FIBROMAX 2.0 provides a maximum of process stability at minimum maintenance effort. Salient Features• Flexible positioning with an accuracy of ± 2 seconds of arc• High repeatability in terms of radial and axial concentricity in the µm range• Absorption of radial and axial forces by preloaded, heavy-duty axial-radial bearing combination• Increased tangential forces and reduced loads on gears through hydraulic table top clamping• Perfectly equipped for rotary milling and simultaneous machining thanks to preloaded bearings and electrically clamped drive (twin-drive)• Different types, configuration levels, and variants based on a modular concept for more flexibility• Greater profitability from tested reliability, reduced maintenance expenses, longer service life and low energy consumption
FIBRO rotary tables are known for their mechanical design, perfectly matched drive and control technology and low maintenance requirements. Day in and day out, large individual workpieces or several clamping fixtures holding heavy weights can be positioned accurately and machined with maximum precision in 3-, 4- or 5- axes simultaneously on FIBROMAX tables.
Whether as a free-standing rotary-linear table in a lateral/gantry (portal) milling centre or as an integrated rotary table, the particular design of FIBROMAX table gives the flexibility demanded by range of workpieces.

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