Finish milling platforms for better productivity and profitability

To meet the growing demands of the metal cutting industry, Kennametal offers competitive solution for both rough and finish milling operations
The efficiency of an engine is greatly dependent on the metallurgical properties of its alloying elements. In the recent times there is an increased trend shift to advanced materials like Compacted Graphite Iron (CGI) for block and head components to improve overall engine efficiency. The graphite in CGI differs in structure from that in gray Iron because graphite particles are shorter and thicker. This results in stronger adhesion between the graphite and Iron particles giving the material higher tensile strength. Though the first commercial application of CGI was seen earlier in brake discs for high speed trains, in the recent times we are seeing increased usage of it in diesel engine blocks with high combustion pressures. According to Kennametal, an assembled automotive engine can be made 9 per cent lighter with CGI. Engine block weight alone can be reduced up to 22 per cent with CGI and thus light weight factor improves engine efficiency and performance. Since CGI has got two to three times higher tensile strength than normal gray iron, while milling it induces higher cutting forces. Approximately 20 per cent more spindle load will be consumed while machining CGI as compared to Gray Iron. CGI has low thermal conductivity and hence heat trapped will be pushed into the work piece causing rapid tool wear. Thus higher feeds would be the best option than increasing the cutting speeds in CGI machining.
Also CGI does not have sulphur which acts as a lubricant in machining process.
The microstructure of CGI is ferrite causing material to stick to the cutting edge whereas in case of Gray iron the microstructure is pearlite.For efficient milling process one can operate with coated carbide grades with aluminium – Chromium or TICN + AL2O3 coatings.
Kennametal has got expertise to offer solution with new generation finish milling cutters for both CGI and grey iron milling applications. In today’s scenario, every industry is undergoing profitability pressure and there is a greater need to keep the manufacturing costs low. To meet the growing demands of the metal cutting industry, Kennametal offers competitive solution for both rough and finish milling operations.
Dodeka Milling platform offers 12 cutting edge inserts in 3 variants viz., Dodeka mini, Dodeka and Dodeka Max based on the stock removal requirements. Beyond grades are available to suit machining requirements for all types of work materials in Dodeka platform. Dodeka mini is the recent development and it offers very high feed capabilities because of its unique design. With 15 degree approach it not only offers high feed capability but also ensures low manufacturing cost.
“Hexacut is a very versatile finish milling platform as it continues to offer the best match between productivity and price-performance ratio,” Kennametal stated. Based on need for productivity, customer can use carbide, ceramic and CBN inserts in the same cutter.  Ground inserts are available for close tolerances in various geometries and grades. CBN wiper inserts are available with 12 cutting edges in Hexacut design. To suit duplex milling requirements, Kennametal offers light weight cutter design in this category.

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