FIPA short-stroke vacuum cups for flat surfaces

In order to handle hot-moulded parts with ease, FIPA GmbH offers an efficient solution for special handling tasks. Applications for these vacuum cups range from removing hot plastic mouldings from injection moulding tools through to handling work pieces with rough or grained surfaces.
“The FIPA short-stroke vacuum cups represent a highly versatile solution component,” says Rainer Mehrer, CEO, FIPA.
A small but high-precision design element reduces the space requirement. Thanks to the dovetailed double sealing lip, a better ratio is obtained between the active suction surface and the space requirement than occurs with vacuum cups with a sloping suction lip. This advantage can be particularly clearly seen in gripper assembly. The flat vacuum cups with minimal lift achieve a greater suction force than conventional vacuum cups in the smallest space.
A typical application for short-stroke vacuum cups is the removal of hot plastic parts from the tool mould of injection moulding machines. If the moulded parts are for the instrument panel, these are usually grained. In this case, a FIPA short-stroke vacuum cup from HNBR is the right choice. It offers a temperature tolerance range from -30 C to 160 C and high-suction power. And for handling parts with rough surfaces such as rubber mats, cardboard packaging, wood or stone, FIPA short-stroke vacuum cups are particularly suitable.
• PWIS- and silicone-free with HNBR: Paint-wetting impairment substances (PWIS) are not permitted for use with products that will later be painted or coated. The low-marking FIPA short-stroke vacuum cups from HNBR meet this requirement.
• Low wear: Thanks to the perpendicular suction lip, short-stroke vacuum cups are not subject to lateral sliding movements. This results in minimal abrasion and thus a long cycle life.
• Ideal for rough and grained surfaces: Thanks to the dovetailed double sealing lip, FIPA short-stroke vacuum cups develop a high suction force even on rough or grained surfaces.
Particularly soft short-stroke vacuum cupsWhere work pieces are to be handled at normal temperatures and there is no need for PWIS-free treatment. Short-stroke vacuum cups in NR (natural rubber) are the best choice. With a hardness of only 40 degree Shore A, they nestle closely to the work piece and develop a high-holding force even on very rough surfaces.
FIPA finds the right solution for every vacuum cup application which can be seen in the extensive range of vacuum cups. 

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