Focus and promote non-conventional energy

“India should focus and promote non-conventional energy generation industries as it has the capacity to be world leader in this sector,” says Prakash Minde, Head Technical, Pushkar Engineers
 Pushkar Engineers is emerging manufacturer and supplier of wind mill, steam jacketed mixer and automatic rolling machine. Its machines are used for applications such as scaffolding and fasteners in the automobile and other allied industries. Prakash Shinde discusses the need to encourage non-conventional energy generation to offer an advantage to Indian manufacturing sector.
Plan and implement To become a global manufacturing hub India needs to plan and implement some things. Now India should not depend on foreign investments. Supporting domestic manufacturers and improving the standards of infrastructure is necessary. More focus on rural and agricultural development is needed. It will promote the self-manufacturing requirements and employment as there is nearly 70 per cent rural population in India.
Non-conventional energy is said to be important aspect for the future. So India should focus and promote non-conventional energy generation industries as it has the capacity to be world leader in this sector. Decentralising the electric power generation units would help a lot. Each and every town and village should have its own power generation unit, whether conventional or non-conventional.
Nurturing factors for growthSome factors could definitely nurture growth of Indian manufacturing industry.• Every state should be policy driven so as to make things simple to execute when it comes to factory setup, land acquisitions etc.• The tax policy should be more generalised and less complicated and should be same for every state so as to help increase trade between inter states of the country. Taxes should be reduced by reducing the subsidies. Reducing the interest on loans will help as well• Transfer the responsibilities of developments on private sectors with minimum interference from government• Control the prices of all commodities and not only of agricultural products.     Current scenarioThere is lack of policies for encouraging the industry. Also the increase in various taxes is hurting the domestic manufacturers. Further, small scale industries lack quality infrastructure and face reliable power supply issues.
It is observed that South Asian countries like China, Taiwan have entered into Indian market with their much cheaper automated machines as compared to Indian made machines. This is creating more competition for domestic companies.  
New govt’s expected priority listNew govt should look for the completion of different projects across the country with utmost priority so as to give a push to the economy which has come into stagnancy today. It should further take care of projects to get them completed in allotted time and cost. Water distribution facility should be improved and should reach each and every village.
Inactive govt R&D agencies should be made live and encouraged. Govt should also promote non-conventional energy generation projects at the earliest with help of private sector and which should help to villages where electricity has not yet reached.

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