Focus on indigenisation

We should be 100 per cent independent manufacturer. This will save a lot of foreign exchange.
V. G. Patil, Director, Ace Weld Engineers______________________________________________
 Ace Weld Engineers belonging to welding sector and other manufacturing industries, sees the ‘Make in India’ campaign as a growing example for other industries in the future.
Speaking about the expected opportunities for welding industry out of ‘Make in India’ initiative V. G. Patil, Director, Ace Weld Engineers, says, “Welding is mainly done in the infrastructure projects. As far as ‘Make in India’ is concerned the PM has already said that industries like shipping, automobile and other mechanical industry would be growing. In every industry welding is a major part. So there will be a good opportunity for welding industry.”
Achieving success Ace Weld Engineers is a company with annual turnover of around Rs 6 crores. “Around 60 per cent of its products we export to Gulf and African countries and we are in competition with international manufacturers. As our products reach to the international market, we get a wide exposure while manufacturing our machines,” shares Mr Patil. He also adds, “Not only on quality standards, but definitely on different directions. Everybody has to look in this aspect to achieve success. One should not only be dependent on one thing.”
ChallengesThough ‘Make in India’ initiative has received good response across the country there are some challenges that has to be faced. According to Mr Patil, “Basic challenge for manufacturing in India is high-cost of electricity, unavailability of certain raw materials.” For example, the important raw materials required for welding industry are copper, aluminium and lamination. There are new technologies (inverter-based) coming up and there is minimum usage of these raw materials. “At present most of these machines or components are imported. We have to build these indigenously,” he adds.
Steps adoptedSpeaking about the steps to be taken by the government to promote domestic manufacturing in the welding sector, Mr Patil shares, • Easy availability of raw material at reasonable cost• Skilled technical manpower• Protection to SSI manufacturers against international suppliers. 
Ace Weld Engineers initiativeIndia is a manufacturing hub for many sectors out of which one is welding. Incepted in the year 2008, Ace Weld Engineers is engaged in manufacturing and supplying quality welding equipment. With the experience and infrastructure support, Ace Weld Engineers has preserved a good hold in the international or domestic market and now aggressively venturing into opportunities to grow in those markets. 
Commenting on the company’s expansion and growth plans, Mr Patil said, “Ace Weld Engineers is trying to bring out new range of inverter-based welding machines. We are also introducing new range of gas cutting products.”
“This year we have decided to focus on development of inverter-based welding machines indigenously. We should be 100 per cent independent manufacturer. This will save a lot of foreign exchange and we will able to supply our products at reasonable cost which will also generate more revenue for the company,” Mr Patil concludes.

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