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  The loading and unloading of machine tools has become a steadily growing market for robotics. But it is precisely this total integration of the robot within the machine that carries a significant risk potential: in an environment where dust, metal chips and cooling lubricants are on the loose, reliable solutions can be assured only by investing in high-end robots.
Good-quality robots are supplied by various manufacturers, but only a few of them are able to cope with the extreme conditions encountered inside a machine tool. The reason why Staubli robots carry on performing so reliably – despite coming under constant attack from grinding dust, chips and aggressive conditions – is immediately apparent from the way they are constructed. Even the standard six-axis models of the TX series are characterised by a fully enclosed and extremely compact build. They comply with the requirements of IP65 protection for the arm, IP67 for the wrist, and also score well in terms of internal cables and supply lines. A sophisticated wrist design prevents the ingress of dirt, dust, liquids and chips. There is also the additional option of providing additional protection by pressurising the arm.
Despite all these precautions, there will be applications where Staubli advises customers to choose an HE-spec robot (HE stands for Humid Environment, i.e. wet room). These would include circumstances under which the robot inside the machine is constantly exposed to cooling lubricants. In the latest generation of grinding machine, for example, it is the Staubli robot itself that manages coolant supply and is therefore in permanent contact with the fluid. The Staubli TX series robots in HE specification are precisely designed for such applications.
Optimum protection for tough jobsStaubli Robotics has developed in the past years its HE portfolio with a complete range of six-axis robots perfectly suited for use in production environments with high levels of humidity, water spray and contact with coolant. It extends from the compact TX60 to the larger TX200. In addition, long-arm versions are also available, thus ensuring that the optimum robot is available for any application that requires a reach of up to 2.6 metres. And as you would expect from Staubli, these high-precision machines score top marks for dynamic range and repeatability. 
The HE versions have been specifically developed by Staubli Robotics to cope with the harsh conditions involved by the full integration into a machine tool. Use of the Staubli pressurisation kit increases the protection even further: the wrist of the machine operates at IP67, permitting it to be immersed in liquid media with a pH of between 4.5 and 8.5. Another feature that is especially welcome in a wet room environment is the vertical channelling of cables. All connections are located under the robot base, thereby protecting them from cooling lubricants and chips.
Before the robot is painted, the surfaces are subjected to a special treatment which increases their resistance to corrosion and makes the entire casing less susceptible to mechanical damage. All stressed parts are made of stainless steel. The final coat of paint – yellow, gray or white to suit the customer – is particularly durable to ensure that cleaning is a straightforward process.
Shorter idle timesAs a result of intense development work in recent years, Staubli Robotics is now able to offer reliable, fully integrated solutions for the automation of machine tools that open up a host of supplementary benefits. These include the reduction of idle time thanks to rapid, fully automated loading and unloading of machines, the minimisation of machine downtime, and the semi-autonomous operation of machine tools in unmanned shifts. No wonder, then, that so many reputable machine tool manufacturers entrust Staubli with all their automation requirements. 
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