Future Looks Bright for Indian Industry

“India is an emerging market with a high growth potential which can be witnessed and experienced in different fields. The food and pharmaceutical industries lay a very vital role in this growth and have tremendous potential as we are still far below the International Standards”, says Daksh Malhotra, Director Marketing, Everest Group in an interview with Subhajit Roy.
Please let us know about the products & solutions being offered by Everest Blowers for use in food processing & pharmaceuticals industry.
Everest comm enced manufacturing of twin lobe rotary air blowers way back in 1980. Since then the company has consistently strengthened its manufacturing base, producing a wide range of products. Our broad product line includes Twin Lobe & Tri-Lobe Roots Blowers, Mechanical Vacuum Boosters, Dry Vane Pumps, Acoustic Hoods and Industrial Vacuum Systems. These wide-ranging products and the technical expertise gained over the years have enabled Everest to serve various segments of industry such as water treatment plants, effluent treatment plants, cement plants, aquaculture farms, chemical & pharmaceutical plants, food processing units, paper plants, vacuum plants and systems and pneumatic conveying systems. Some of our prestigious clients include NIOT, Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO), Centre for Advanced Technology, Mishra Dhatu Nigam, NTPC, Maruti Udyog, Honda Siel, Hero Honda, Grasim Industries, Cadbury, LG Polymers, Ion Exchange (India) Ltd., Thermax, Aurobindo Pharma, KLJ, Wockhardt, Heinz India, Vam Organica, Smithklime Beecham, Cipla, DSM etc.
The blowers find use in applications requiring medium pressure air such as aeration in sewage treatment and effluent treatment plants, filter backwash, agitation of electrolyte, pneumatic conveying, regeneration of dryers & molecular sieves, maintaining BOD of water etc. Dry Vane Pumps find use in small chemical mixing plants, sewage treatment plants, etc.
The mechanical vacuum booster, a sophisticated piece of machinery developed by the company, finds use in chemical and pharmaceutical processes, bulb and tube light production, roll and object metallizing, vegetable oil deodorization, solvent recovery, vacuum drying, tray drying, vacuum distillation, thin film deposition, molecular distillation, vacuum furnace, transformer oil dehumidification, chemical laser, evaporative cooling etc.
Apart from above standard products Everest is also into a lot of customized products which include various specialized equipment to meet the specific demands such as Helium and CO2 duty blowers for Nuclear Power Corporation, Petrol engine driven aluminium alloy blowers for thermit welding of rails for Indian Railways, 100% Oil Free blowers for fish and prawn culture, etc. Everest is also into supply of complete systems for special applications such as Vacuum Distillation, Vacuum Drying (Vacuum Tray Dryers, Rotary Cone Vacuum Dryers, ANFD’s etc), Solvent Recovery etc. which are commonly used in Food Processing, Pharmaceutical & Chemical Industries. Everest also offers 100% Dry Vacuum Systems having no requirement of Steam, Water or Oil. This leads to zero effluent/zero discharge of any harmful gases inside the plant, thus maintaining high level of quality of the food and pharmaceutical products and maintaining pollution free environment. All of the above products and services are rolled out from the three state of art ISO 9001:2008 certified manufacturing facilities owned by Everest.
Can you brief us on your manufacturing capabilities?
Everest Group has got one manufacturing facility in Mayapuri Industrial Area at New Delhi under the name & style of EVEREST TRANSMISSION. Another two in the Delhi NCR region of Bahadurgarh under the name & style of EVEREST BLOWERS & EVEREST BLOWER SYSTEMS. Everest is the first and only
Indian Blower manufacturer to have successfully shifted entire production load of its blowers, boosters and pumps on CNC machines. The company has imported a number of sophisticated Haas make CNC machines from USA. This has resulted in higher production capacities and still better quality. Everest is today the largest Roots Blower manufacturer in the country and a leader in its segment.
What is the USP of your products?
We provide customized quality products, maintaining highest level of design and manufacturing standards, sized appropriately to give the most competitive prices and high levels of energy saving to our customer.
What are the cost benefits of Everest products?
Being an indigenous company we at Everest totally understand the cost effectiveness and price implications faced by customers of a developing nation. Also as compared to our International counterparts, Everest has a high quality manufacturing unit in India and hence enjoys the benefit of having lower cost of production. Our management believes in forwarding these benefits/privileges to our customers, not compromising on quality, performance and services at any time.
Total market size and your market share?
It is a well known fact that India is a fast growing market having a wide spread Industrial base in the Pharmaceutical and Food sector. At the same time I would also like to add that Everest has long lasting roots in the Indian market with a presence of over 15 years in the field of process vacuum. Everest has over 15000 vacuum systems installations in various food and pharmaceuticals industries all over the country and an additional 2500-3000 equipments running overseas.
How do you compare the products manufactured by Indian manufacturers and imported one in terms of quality?
As far as Everest is concerned, we are completely comparable in terms of quality to any of the foreign manufacturers and this is proven by the fact that we have won many international tenders where Global Sourcing had been done and offers from various vacuum system manufacturers had been invited. Some of the prestigious projects include design, manufacturing, testing, supply and commissioning of vacuum systems for companies like DSM Anti-Infective (Holland based Pharmaceutical Company), Cadbury Ltd (UK Based Food Processing Unit – For Bournvita Project). We follow a very strict Quality Assurance Plan for all incoming material as well as in-process and finished products in terms of tolerances, clearances etc. Everest has been manufacturing all these equipments on latest State of Art CNC machines and following the concept of continuous design up gradation and improvement, thus providing the best to our customers.
What are the challenges being faced by food processing machines manufacturers/ customers?
Rapid industrialiation and ever increasing population is putting a lot of negative impact on our environment. Our future generations shall have to suffer if it continues in the same pace. In food and pharmaceutical industries strict environmental norms, pollution control, increase in scarcity of water and need for decreasing energy consumption are major challenges of the day and this is what has forced the big industries to re-think on conventional methods of production and introduce newer and environment friendly technologies with lower cost of manufacturing. A typical example of same being the replacement of Steam Jet Ejector by dry type vacuum systems giving heavy saving in cost, quality and performance.
What are the major growth drivers for industry, today?
The major driving factor for the industry today is the “need to change” and bring in cleaner and better ways of production.
How do you describe the future of food and pharmaceutical industries in India?
India is an emerging market with a high growth potential which can be witnessed and experienced in different fields. The food and pharmaceutical industries lay a very vital role in this growth and have tremendous potential as we are still far below the International Standards. With the large vast population, our large FMCG Companies have a booming future and we continuously looking forward to supporting them in terms of bringing in continuously upgraded technologies and giving them the highest quality products at best possible prices. We feel that this is what the industry exactly requires.

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