GGB assuring reliable and high performance bearing solutions

“GGB self-lubricated bearings are clean, light-weight, and environmentally friendly, providing a reliable performance than traditional greased bronze bearing,” says Tushar Kulkarni, Manager – Application Engineering, GGB Bearing Technology
 GGB Bearing Technology is one of the global leaders in high performance bearing solution providers. Its wide choice of product materials includes metal-polymer, solid polymer, filament wound, metal bearings, bushing blocks and thrust plates as well as specialised housings and assemblies all available in standard or custom sizes and shapes, and manufactured to precise specifications. Application experts work alongside its customers from start to finish, assisting in the design, material selection, testing, manufacture, assembly and installation to find the ideal bearing solution for even the most challenging applications, providing high performance solutions to a variety of market sectors like:• Aerospace• Agricultural• Automotive• Compressor• Construction• Energy• Fluid Power• General Industrial• Primary Metals• Recreation.
Range offeredGGB offers wide range of self-lubricating maintenance-free bearings like GAR-MAX, HSG and DU for the construction equipment market. GGB products eliminate lubricants, reduce maintenance of equipment and also warranty claims for the OEMs.
“GGB self-lubricated bearings are clean, light-weight, and environmentally friendly, providing a reliable performance than traditional greased bronze bearing,” says Mr Kulkarni.
BenefitsGGB bearings offer following significant benefits to its customers:• Less noise: With no moving parts, GGB bearings provide low-noise operation• Reduced system costs: A slim, compact, one-piece design offers significant space and weight reductions to make installation easier, lower system costs and minimise potential damage during installation• Replacement of expensive needle bearings: GGB bearings’ larger contact surface has a higher load carrying capacity, providing better impact resistance and improved performance• Environmentally friendly: Lead-free bearings comply with increasingly stricter environmental legislation, such as the End of Life Vehicles (ELV) and the Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) directives.
ApplicationsGGB maintenance-free bearings like GAR-MAX, HSG and DU deliver high reliability under the most extreme conditions in applications. These various applications include heavy-duty earth-moving and digging equipment, graders, excavators, concrete pumps, pile drivers, and lifting equipment such as forklifts and pallet trucks, scissor lifts, access platforms in addition to various types of cranes and container handling systems.
Global footprintPresently GGB has no plant in India. However its qulaity 10 production plants are located in the US, France, Germany, Slovakia, Brazil and China are certified to the industry’s quality and excellence standards for health, safety, product quality and environmental management. GGB offers the widest product range in the industry with local technical support.
“In addition to our 10 global production facilities, we operate and manage an international network of sales offices and distribution centers to supply over 30,000 customers quickly and efficiently, anywhere in the world,” informs Mr Kulkarni.

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