Godrej and Boyce pushes up productivity with 20% reduction in design time

Godrej and Boyce Manufacturing Pvt. Ltd., one of the holding companies for Godrej Group, has successfully adopted SolidWorks 3D Design solutions for its tabletop beverage vending machines. SolidWorks Professional will help Godrej and Boyce’s vending business in addressing its expanding customer base globally by offering better quality products through enhanced accuracy on its prototypes and increased marketability for its products. In order to streamline the design process, Godrej Vending moved to SolidWorks Professional for improved product visualisation in 3D and to cut down on prototypes. The 20 per cent reduction in design time will help in increasing productivity significantly.According to Sajid A Majgoankar, Design Manager, Godrej & Boyce Manufacturing Pvt. Ltd., “Godrej has always had a strong customer base and touches close to 500 million lives daily. We believe in creating robust, high-quality products that can be created with precision at reduced design time. With the implementation of SolidWorks Professional, the company successfully cut its design time and substantially improved its productivity. The innovative features offered by SolidWorks Professional allowed our designers to create varied designs for vending machines, giving them multiple options for creating the final desired product. This has helped us design and market our products better.”Godrej Vending has been using SolidWorks Professional for the past 8 years, and this has been instrumental in helping Godrej visualise and develop 3D machine designs more accurately than in the 2D format. By integrating SolidWorks 3D design solutions, the company has improved product visualisation in 3D and cut down on prototypes to increase productivity. Addonix Technologies, SolidWorks Value Added Reseller played a pivotal role in facilitating this adoption by Godrej. Addonix aligned the offering to Godrej’s business requirements by organising a comprehensive training session for them to seamlessly transition from 2D to 3D design.P. M. Ravikumar, Country Manager SolidWorks-India, said, “SolidWorks aims at providing their customers with the best software and techniques to visualise their products better, thus eliminating the cost involving and time consuming process of creating multiple prototypes. Our 3D function allowed Godrej to review and analyse vending machines and tabletops from all possible angles and create accurate product prototype. We take pride in our long association with Godrej and will continue to benefit them and other companies with our innovative design solutions by reducing design time and costs and thus enhancing overall product quality.”Before switching over to SolidWorks, Godrej had to create multiple prototypes in order to get an accurate product which resulted in higher time to market and accelerated costs. With SolidWorks solutions, Godrej successfully streamlined the design process and developed mechanical designs for their vending machines. Using 3D design solutions also helped them enhance product quality with improved designs, leading to more accurate prototypes. The innovative features offered by SolidWorks Professional allowed designers to create varied designs for vending machines, giving them multiple options for creating the final product. This new, accurate data is used later for developing the prototype, which is then used for verification and simulation.Integrating SolidWorks design software allowed Godrej and Boyce Manufacturing to detect interferences, gaps and clearances within complex assemblies, and incorporate design configurations allowing it to boost automation and shorten design time.n

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